Glenn Beck: American Experiment Under Assault

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GLENN BECK, HOST: Hello, America.

It seems hard to believe, but even with everything going on today, we still may not have 50 percent of Americans turning out to vote next week. You know, I am not really comfortable with that.

Now, part of it could be because people feel defeated, I guess. I mean, they see the crappy ads and they're like, oh, what is the point? Let's see, if I vote for this guy, I get a crap sandwich, and if I vote for this guy, I get a crap sandwich with extra crap on it. Perfect!

I spent time with some friends over the weekend and I swear to you, I thought I was being punked. I was looking for the cameras because they were sitting around my table and they're like, yes, I don't think I'm going to vote. I'm like, yes, right. Are you serious?

Then I started looking for the camera. I — you're kidding me, right? Now, maybe it's because my job requires me to actually read the news, but I cannot understand the mentality. So, I pursue the line of thinking. And they said, Glenn, what difference does it make? What difference does it make? There's no good choices out there.

Gang — I agree with, let me tell you this: there is a choice. There is a choice. The Democrats and Republicans, they've always been the choice.

But, it seems like if you vote for these guys and they just start doing what these guys were doing. And if you vote for these guys and they start doing what these guys were doing. Why? Because they're under the progressive umbrella — that's why.

What happened? The Democrats got co-opted by the progressives. The Democrats don't exist anymore. They don't. They are the Democratic socialists. That's who they are, the Democratic socialists, because the progressives ate the Democrats as our grandparents knew them. The Democratic socialists.

Now, the Republicans are still under the same umbrella. Not all of them. There are a lot of good ones that are truly trying to get out from underneath this. The Tea Party came in and they are standing up for those Republicans that want out from underneath the umbrella. Some of them are still going to be there, because they believe in big giant government, too.

But there is a clear choice. If you don't save this party, if this party becomes co-opted like this party became co-opted by the progressives, it's over. You'll have a one-party system. And you're this close to it now.

That's why it feels like you just keep voting for the same people. That's why — because it's damn near a one-party system.

And we don't notice it because we're arguing, no, you Republicans. No, no. It's you Democrats.

It's the progressives.

Now, what's it going to take for people to stand up for liberty? Look what's happening today. We have a government who is constantly lying to us now without any fear.

I mean, they just look at us and go, "These are not the droids you're looking for." It's amazing — like that Jedi mind trick isn't working on me. Why is it working on everyone else?

It's the fault of both Democrats and Republicans when it comes to things like inflation. If I asked, hey, how is that inflation thing going?

If you listen to the Republicans or the Democrats, or you listen to anybody in the media, they will tell you, oh, please! That's low. Yes.

The government will tell you that it's 1.1 percent. But gosh, does it feel like — I mean, have you gone grocery shopping? Have you paid your bills? Because it doesn't feel like inflation is only 1 percent, right? So, is it? The answer is no.

In 1980, the government used a different methodology on how it measured inflation. So, in the Carter years, we didn't measure it the same way. They just kept changing the formula until — so they could look at you in the eye and say, no, it's only 1 percent.

If we go back and use the same measurement that we had in place in 1980, inflation today at a zero, it's 10 percent. Now, that's a bit more alarming than near zero, isn't it? That's what's touted by the government official — near zero.

Why is it extra disturbing? Because on November 3rd, the Fed hits the Weimar moment. They call it quantitative easing. I call it B.S. Weimar — because just like the Washington Monument ploy, they're covering up. They're hiding their tracks in the hopes you don't notice the crime of the century.

We are buying our own bonds. They promised never to do that.

Nancy Pelosi also promised in 2007 that there'd be no new deficit spending. Since that time, the debt has increased $5 trillion. Since 2007, $5 trillion. That's the crime of the century.

Now, the border. All we hear from people underneath the umbrella, all kinds of lip service on the issue for decades. But has anything been done? About 3,500 acres of southern Arizona along the Mexican border is now closed to you. Our property, closed to you due to increased violence in the region.

Not far from Phoenix, the number two kidnapping capital of the world, in America. Bogota, Colombia.

The federal government now has just put these signs up. I hope they were paid for with stimulus dollars. "Danger: public warning. Travel not recommended. Active drug and human smuggling area." Really, in America?

There is no more rule of law in the borders. And they say that illegals are living in the shadows. Are they really? Let's see, they openly protest. They give interviews to the media. Now in Seattle, they are campaigning door-to-door.

You're going to love this story. Here's a quote from the story on "When Maria Gianni is knocking on voters' doors, she's not bashful about telling people that she is in the country illegally. The 42- year-old is one of dozens of volunteers, many of them illegal immigrants, canvassing neighborhoods in the Seattle area, trying to get naturalized citizens to cast a ballot for candidates like Democratic Senator Patty Murray, who is in a neck-to-neck race with Republican Dino Rossi." Perfect!

That initiative, by the way, is led by OneAmerica, a group formerly called Hate Free Zone.

Don't touch the dial. I'm coming back there. Oh, yes. I'm going to do it.

In Maine, the largest city in Maine, Portland, there's a proposal now on the ballot that if it passes, it will give legal residents who are not U.S. citizens the right to vote! This is a growing trend. I love this. In cities such as San Francisco and Chicago — San Francisco and Chicago, and Portland, Oregon, what do they have? Umbrellas. Progressives.

Anyway, they're considering similar legislation. They've already loosened the rules. But they're all over fixing that one. They've got to make sure that people have a way to vote, even though they're not citizens.

But is anyone, anyone in those cities in hot water? How about — how about the 35 Illinois counties? Anyone in hot water over missing the deadline for mailing military ballots? Who deserves the right to vote more? Which should be a higher priority, the non-legal residents or — oh, I don't know, the brave men and women who are literally dying to preserve our freedom?


While we're here on the soldiers, we're still fighting a never-ending war. There is indoctrination in the schools. The anti-capitalist propaganda from George Soros' Tides Foundation is still being played in thousands of our schools. They followed that up with propaganda video now that's being spread in our churches called, "Let There Be Stuff." That's a whole six-chapter workbook for people in churches and synagogues.

I wonder if they have anything for mosques.

The latest from this propaganda artist is the Loop Scoops. We showed these to you last week. These are cartoons to air on PBS, your tax dollars at work.

And they talk about the evils of juice boxes and video games. Not video games like the first person shooter where you can shoot a cop, that's not dangerous. But the stuff used to make those video games — they're destroying the earth. It's good that we have our priorities right.

The American experiment, as you know it, is under full-fledged assault. You know it. You feel it in your gut.

Progressives want to fundamentally transform America — their words, not mine. They don't believe in a free market citizen. They're trying to seize this moment and grab as much power and control as they possibly can.

So — now I say stuff like this and my gosh — you run, you go get your gun, quick! No, no. No. There are some people on the left and apparently some people on the right that think violence would be the answer.

Well, I'm here to tell you, they are 100 percent wrong. Why? Why is violence simply not an option?

Well, if you're on the left, I can't really help you with that one because — what was it that Van Jones and those guys were talking about at the big meeting over the summer? Oh, yes, I remember. Get on the streets and agitate and do the things you have to do to force this president to do the things he knows he has to do.

Hmm. Boy, if there's violence, it would almost be like a big government progressive would be able to use that emergency to grab even more power, take away more freedoms.

So, I can't help you on the left. But, on the right, it instantly destroys the republic. Why? Because it forces the president to take more power and more freedoms away. Oh!

Here's what you should be concentrating: not your anger, but the ballot box. That's where American revolutions begin.

The media is doing their best to deflate the Tea Party movement and make you feel worthless honestly. Look at the story that was happening in The Washington Post this weekend. Its headline says: "A Movement Without a Compass." Wait a minute. I have thought it was all kinds of foreign money and everything else and it was all the GOP there. Now, it's without a compass.

Here is a little excerpt: "The new Washington Post canvasses [sic] hundreds of local Tea Party groups revealing a different sort of organization, one that is not so much a movement, a disparate band of vaguely connected gathering that do surprisingly little to engage in the political process."


So, Bill Clinton, this weekend said, it's the most dangerous thing ever and The Washington Post is saying — I'm so confused.

The Tea Party has done little with politics? Really? Hmm, I'd like to point out that I think they've done an awful lot. In the last two years, Tea Party candidates are racking up victories against the establishment Republicans.

The Tea Party movement is so powerful even the Democrats are afraid to take Obama's endorsement. Two years ago, you could have sent them the photo of his shoe and 10,000 people would have showed up said, I'm going to pass out, it's photo of Obama's shoe! Now, I mean — Democratic candidate in Rhode Island actually said this, Democrat, said this about Obama's endorsement. Watch:


FRANK CAPRIO, DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR RHODE ISLAND GOVERNOR: I never asked for President Obama's endorsement. You know, he can take his endorsement and shove it as far as I'm concerned.


BECK: You know, Rhode Island, keeping it classy.

I want to make sure you don't lose heart. You can't be tricked into thinking that your vote doesn't matter. It does. So much is at stake. America is a crossroads and it will determine her future identity.

There is a big — change coming. The seasons are changing. And it really begins after this election. It's — we are at the beginning. We're not at the end. We're at the beginning.

So, I want you to ask yourself this. I want you to answer them out loud. What will you choose? Say it out loud.

Do you want a government for the elites, of the elites and by the elites? Or a government for the people, of the people and by the people?

Which is it?

A system on the road to state capitalism, which is a cute little term that we're now — that's communist China. Oh, did I say "communism" again?

They're now calling communism "state capitalism." It's where the world is headed, you know?

State capitalism, do you want state capitalism where only the real rich and powerful make the decision? It's all about graft, greed and who you know, or a country where the little guy can have an idea and cause those global titans to run cower, because on the battlefield of ideas, David walks up to Goliath once in a while with a rock in his hand and it looks a little something like Twitter.

When we're handling our differences: Do you want one where its violence, and chaos and intimidation? That's what that they're doing in Europe. That's what the SEIU is doing. Or do you want peace and civil, honest, respectful debate? Which is it?

Are we still a nation that believes in God? Do believe in things that God — it has been true for thousands of years. And every single time, read Gibbons, man, — read about Rome. Every time, it's the same story. Do we believe in Him anymore or is that just outdated intolerant nonsense that we should ignore? You know, just so we don't offend anyone. Shhh, keep that to yourself.

Do we believe in a corrupt system that encourages and entices dirt-bags who only care about themselves, their power, to run for office? Or do we restore trust? We hold people accountable.

Do you believe the American experiment has failed and people are not capable of making good choices on their own? Or do you believe, if people stop concentrating op their rights and pick up their responsibilities, the Founders' ideas work and people should have maximum liberty? And that Americans are still good, decent people?

There is a clear choice. But it's too big of a choice to leave for the fringes on both sides to decide. Don't be duped by the fringes — that's where the crazies are, that's where the dangerous people are, the global elites and the anarchists.

It's appropriate that this election is happening so close to Halloween, because every day, we are unmasking the villains. You are, too, you can see it. It's all the same people. I started with Richard Trumka and this ad. It's Richard Trumka. It's AFL-CIO.

Do you remember the illegal immigrants going door-to-door for votes in Seattle — I told you about them just a minute ago? Well, who organized them? Well, we did the work on this one. No one else did. Strange, isn't it? It's OneAmerica.

If you look at — I am an American — if you look at OneAmerica, who are their sponsors? I mean, OneAmerica kind of sounds to me like One Nation. Remember the 10-2-10 rally? Had all those crazy Marxist — yes, funded by Tides.

It's weird, because OneAmerica — here we go. Can you bring it in here? Tides Foundation. Oh! UAW. Look at all of the — that's weird, and unions, too. It's also funded by — oh, the Open Society Institute! That's George Soros.

Oh, here's SEIU. Isn't that — what are the odds?

Open Society Institute, most recently gave $100,000 over two years to the group for general support.

George Soros, is that you?

America, you just keep seeking the truth and speaking the truth. You be vigilant and you vote. They are unmasking themselves rapidly. And as long as you get the word out, there is no place for them to hide. By their actions you will know them. And we do have a choice.

It's up to you, not the elites, to choose. And the time to choose is a week from tomorrow.

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