Glenn Beck: Nancy Pelosi's Lies

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GLENN BECK, HOST: Hello, America.

We're a couple of weeks away from this election and quite honestly, it can't come fast enough for me. I'm going to show you something at 5:30 that will literally make you question whether or not this is even America any more — and don't miss tomorrow's program. Wow!

Now, when I say I can't wait for the election to be over, it's not just because, you know, Democrats make my eyes bleed. No, no, it's Democrats, Republicans — it's really the whole process that just makes blood shoot out of my eyes. If I see one more black and white commercial with a still shot of an evil opponent — this is Bob Jones. Bob Jones wants to kill old people and babies — my head will literally explode.

Now, I know you feel the same and I don't want to be responsible for making your head explode, so I'm warning you now: get some duct tape, put it around your head. It won't stop it from exploding, but at least when you get in the hospital they'll say, oh, were you watching "The Glenn Beck Program"? Yes. We are stitching people up right in here.

Also, I got a little plate of cookies for you and some little juice because I know last week, they took a gallon of blood from me and I needed a cookie and some juice. So, we'll just have these here because you're going to need it. Lots of blood loss coming.

I'm going play a clip of comments by Nancy Pelosi. And calling them comments is, really — oh, I don't know, generous on my part? There are more appropriate words to describe what's coming out of Pelosi's mouth, but I'll let you choose those.

Now, there are going to be two clips. I'm going to play them both in their entirety. And then we'll go back and we'll go over the lie — the comments one by one.

Are you ready? Deep breath. Here's Nancy:


HOUSE SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF.: All this money is pouring in from special interest — unidentified, unlimited money from any source, including foreign sources.

And why is that? What is it that they want to stop or reverse? Well, one thing that really makes them angry is the fact that we passed the Wall Street reform bill. What we said in that bill is never again will the recklessness of some on Wall Street cause joblessness for many on Main Street.

There's a reason we are in this situation. The Republicans took us to the brink of disaster with the financial crisis, to the depths of recession, nearly a depression and we had to pull back from that and pull back from that. In the meantime, they have stood in the way of the change in many cases that we have tried to make in terms of increasing the number of jobs in our country. That's that.

What we want to say is, in this election, let's continue to take America forward. We're not going back to the failed policies of the Bush administration.



BECK: Cookies are good. Yummy, yummy.

I'm sorry. I'm just trying to get myself a little bit ready, because we're going to start this train wreck again from the beginning — blood loss:


PELOSI: All this money is pouring in from special interest.


BECK: Nancy — may I just have a moment here?

Nancy Pelosi is totally against special interest money. Well, Democrats would never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, Nancy, take $1.5 million in the first six months of the year for special interests from lobbyists. No! No, you wouldn't do it. I don't know how to explain that fact away, but I'm sure you wouldn't do it.

And what was it that Andy Stern said about Barack Obama? Yes, bring it here: "We spent a fortune to elect Barack Obama — $60.7 million to be exact and we are proud of it." Oh, yes!

Oh, one other thing he also said this:


ANDY STERN, PRESIDENT OF SEIU: People are making investments in politics and they expect a return of — I mean, on their investment. There's not an ideology involved in corporations. They're looking for a return on their investment.

I'm totally involved in distorting the political system, you know, with contributions, you know? That's — that's what we've become in America, so we have to do that.


BECK: You didn't see that video. No special interests there. Definitely no pressure from the unions or anything again.

Back to the tape and look at the sign again underneath her face:


PELOSI: Unidentified, unlimited money from any source, including foreign sources.


BECK: Including foreign sources. Keep the blood sugar up.

She didn't have the courage to say this during her speech, but what she is referring to here is the Chamber of Commerce. Yes, Democrats have run a smear campaign aid. A chamber could be pumping — could be pumping — foreign money into the U.S. elections. Oh, my goodness!

Hey, did you notice a Chamber of Commerce also the first word is "chamber." Aah! "Star Chamber"? I mean, that argument would be about as strong as the one they are making now.

All right. First of all, let's just think this whole thing, you know, foreign money from the Chamber. New York Times immediately shot this one down. Yes, The New York Times — quote: "There is very littlest that what the Chamber does in collecting overseas dues is improper or even unusual, according to both liberal and conservative election lawyers and campaign finance documents." New York Times.

Then you have this little inconvenient truth — what a stupid movie that was. Democrats take in twice as much foreign money as Republicans from the Hill — quote: "House and Senate Democrats have received about $1.02 million this cycle from such PACs. House and Senate GOP leaders have taken almost $510,000 from PACs on the same list."

So, wait a minute — foreign money just there. It's two times as much as the Republicans. Inconvenient, isn't it?

Now, if all of that foreign money is so shocking to you, Nance, well then perhaps you should run an attack ad against yourself. I hate to bring that up because I think some of you people are dumb enough to do it.

Inconvenient fact on foreign money to influence elections, number three: In 2007 Barack Obama received a donation from a farmer, Monir Edwan. He was in the city of Rafah, Georgia. Problem is there it no Rafah in Georgia. But we found one in Gaza. You know this place, right? Gaza.

It was a donation that came from a Gaza refugee camp where we found video of this. Look at this. It's a phone bank, campaigning for Obama, calling from the Gaza Strip. And you he remember the Gaza Strip. That's the place where the flotilla, you know, went out and they attacked the Israeli soldiers, remember that? The flotilla, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, they are all connected to this, Code Pink. You remember, right?

Nancy, I have heard language like this in the past.

Nancy is so worried about all that unidentified money just floating around — it's a mystery, a mystery to me, shadow dwellers. That's really what they are. This is the chamber — Star Chamber.

Well, I'd like to just say, Soros. Why do I say Soros? Well, it's a really amazing thing. Cookie?

It's an amazing thing George Soros, it really is, because George Soros
— well, let's start here. Tides — the Tides Foundation. Uh-oh, did you guys think I wouldn't talk about it any more? Oh, look who's wrong. Funded by George Soros. That's great. It was originally headed up by this guy, Drummond Pike. Who is Drummond Pike? Oh, I bet he can write nasty letters.

Tides is the group responsible for running anti-capitalist propaganda movies in our schools. We've talked about it: "The Story of Stuff." And now, this is for our schools, but, of course, you can't just indoctrinate people in their schools, you've got to do in churches, too. So, now, they have the "Story of More Stuff," or "Let There Be Stuff" or — it's great. It's great.

They also fund groups like Green for All — Van Jones' group, you know? And the Apollo Alliance, that wrote the stimulus bill. And they donate money to — oh, I don't know, Media Matters and Center for American Progress and ACORN. Well, the ACORN Institute. That's — I'm pretty sure that must be an institute for higher learning — gee, if I only had a brain — and ACORN International.

Besides George Soros, I wonder who else is giving to Tides. Wouldn't that be interesting? Wouldn't it be neat if somebody reported on all this unidentified money that must be pouring through to the Tides Foundation? Where does it all come from?

Did you know the president's favorite news site, The Huffington Post? Uh-oh, this is probably going to make him sad. Huffington Post probably won't report on this. Why? Well, gee, Wally, they got a new Huffington Post Investigative Fund. Yes, it's a journalism venture that seeks to create one of the largest investigative newsrooms in the country.

Gee, gee, Wally, wouldn't it be nice if they did some investigation on the Tides Foundation? Yes, probably won't. We'll get in trouble if you even mention this once dad gets home. I found out who's funding them. Yes.

According to their site — here it is. According to the Huffington Post site, Huffington Post, here it is: "Huffington Post Investigative Fund is an independent, nonpartisan venture. We are in the process of creating our own nonprofit institution. While we do so, the Tides Center, a nonprofit incubator, serves as our fiscal sponsor and provides administrative support."

Gosh, it's great. Fantastic. Nothing spooky or shadowy about that because we know Tides is great — except that still leaves us with that pesky question: Who gives all the money to Tides? You know what we should do? We should go back to Drummond Pike because he ran the place. It's great.

And I bet we could find something on the Tides on their own website. There it is, Tides Foundation. Here it is. "How you can give." Uh-oh, maintain your privacy: "Donors privacy is protected and anonymity is insured if you so desire. When you recommend grants through Tides Foundation, a particular grant recommendation for all of your giving can be anonymous."

Gee, Wally, that's trouble. Unless you're a dirtbag. Do you remember Dale Rathke? Completely — I don't know why I said dirtbag and thought of him. Anyway, he was caught embezzling $1 million from ACORN. That might have been it. Well, who was there to bail him out? Yes, Drummond Pike from Tides. Now, Drummond tried to make it anonymous, but it didn't work out for him.

May I ask Nancy Pelosi — instead of the Chamber, why don't you start here? Because that's a pretty good place to start, don't you think? Really? Better than the Chamber of Commerce? Maybe it's me. Juice box?

They won't, because this is not — this isn't about the truth. This is — the administration is demonizing places like the Chamber, not because it's an evil place. My father was a member of the Chamber. I mean, he ran a little bakery. Oh, yeah, foreign German pastries, eh? Now, it's all beginning to make sense. My dad ran a bakery. That's what he did.

I don't agree with everything the Chamber does. There are few things that really hack me off about the Chamber. But what they do do is defend the little guy, guys like that. Do you know that 96 percent of U.S. Chamber members are still small businesses with 100 employees or less?

What Pelosi and Obama are really looking for here is not some investigation. They are doing smear. They're also trying to change our history, change our conversation, change our traditions. They are trying to make you doubt. They're trying to stir up their base.

But here's the most important thing. They want the donor list. Why? Well, this is — they are going to need a cookie, because right now, blood is going to start shooting out of their eyes.

Look what the administration has done just to my sponsors. See, my list of who supports me: the commercials. So, they have my list. Yes. We don't have theirs but they have mine.

First of all, the president's spiritual adviser Jim Wallis — hi, Jimmy — he launched a boycott through his group, Sojourners. That was great. And then the president's former green jobs czar, Van Jones, launched a boycott on me through his group, Color of Change.

Wait a minute. Are they both involved over — that's weird. What a coincidence.

The president's fiscal responsibility board member launched a boycott through me — on me through Andy Stern and SEIU. By the way, guess who just started another boycott? Yes, come on. The Tides Foundation. The Tides Foundation just started one. Drummond Pike, get out of here you knucklehead, did you do that? Oh, you!

Guess who also, you know, is part of it? — hey, spooky dude, are you part of One happy little family.

So, what do they do? They sit around and they call my sponsors or e- mail them. Yes. They threaten them, harass them, intimidate them. See, they want to put me in my place.

By the way, they've been doing this now for two years. And as far as I know — yes, it's still working. We're on the air. Oh, man, you guys are good.

They want to do the same thing to the Chamber. Threaten. Intimidate. Put them in their place.

You know what, guys — America ain't going to be put in their place. We're not threatened. We're not scared any more. You can call us names, everything. It doesn't matter.

These people will go to any length. On the floor of Congress, these guys have the gall to claim that one of my sponsors actually purchased their A-plus rating and the Better Business Bureau, it's a fraud. Since when? Since when is the Chamber a shadowy organization, and the Better Business Bureau? So, they said all you need is 350 bucks and let me tell you something, you can get an A-plus rating.

If that's true, then how come there are so many companies with an F rating from the Better Business Bureau? I mean, those companies must not only be bad, they must be really, really stupid. I don't know if we can do this 350 bucks for an A-plus. I mean, that's a lot of money, George.

The lies are so obvious and so glaring, they are funny. I mean, these guys, you know what I like to do? I might buy them a clown car. I might. And they could all get in the clown car and they could drive around and look at the clown in the little car, isn't that cute?

But they didn't stop there. No, here's Nancy Pelosi. She's got more. She's just complained about all that foreign money pouring in:


PELOSI: What is it that they want to stop or reverse? Well, one thing that really makes them angry is the fact that we passed the Wall Street reform bill. What we said in that bill is never again will the recklessness of some on Wall Street cause joblessness for many on Main Street.


BECK: No, that's not what she said in the bill, because if you said that in the bill, it would have been about — well, it would have been, what, three sentences? This was 2,300-pages. That's not really what — that's not what she said.

By the way, the "they" she is referring to, actually, you. If you're a Tea Party member, let me ask you something, do you want to reverse and go back to bailing out Wall Street? No? Actually, that's — that doesn't even work because we're still bailing out Wall Street.

You see, the people in Washington, they are always talking about those signs. Have you seen the signs of the Tea Party? They are outrageous! They have everything from Hitler mustaches and everything else!

But, see, they must be looking for those nonexistent signs because they keep missing this ones like, "We don't need the government's help," "We don't need your bailouts," "We're productive people," "Give me liberty, not bailout," all of them, over and over again.

See, the Tea Party people are not really for the bailout. They're not like, hey, let's let Wall Street run wild.

No, they are for the rule of law.

Oh, I hope you have more cookies or a little bit of juice because there's more. Here it is:


PELOSI: There's a reason we in this situation.


BECK: Yes.


PELOSI: The Republicans took us to the brink of disaster with the financial crisis, to the depths of recession, nearly a depression.


BECK: There is one correct fact there. There is a reason we are in this situation — Republicans and the Democrats. Really more of the big government progressives who regulated and mandated, for, one, that we loosen standards on the mortgages. You know, give more people a shot at the American Dream. Give more loans to the poor people who couldn't afford houses.

Guess what? This is a new concept: People who couldn't afford a house, now can't afford the house. Isn't that weird? How is that weird? Just that — who saw that one coming?

So, now, you're paying and I'm paying. We're being punished. But have we punished Barney Frank? No. Chris Dodd? Absolutely not. ACORN? No. The banks? No. Did they play a role?


PELOSI: We had to pull back from that and pull back from that. In the meantime, they had stood in the way of the change in many cases of that we have tried to make in terms of increasing the number of jobs in our country.


BECK: Her hand gestures don't even match what she's saying. No, no, no.

They say this all the time and it's clearly a lie. It is not possible for the Republicans to stand in the way of anything, OK? They don't have the raw numbers. They can't do it.

If they were standing in the way, they got mowed down, you know, so — like the rest of regular Americans who stood against it.

Stimulus bill? Jammed through. Health care bill? Jammed through. Financial bill? Jammed through. Fight wasn't with the Republicans when there was a fight. It was with the Democrats who couldn't convince the other Democrats to go along with the progressive Democrats. That's so — it's great.

So, how this story ends? And with the invitation that I'm offering — you don't want to miss. I think the bloggers might go nuts. They're right now putting on their pants, "Mom, hang on, hold the calls, I'm going to make or write another blog. Glenn Beck is going to say something crazy, next."

Yes, don't miss it.

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