Berkley Says No to Torture

Because they suck, the Berkeley City Council unanimously approved a resolution, declaring October 10th to the 16th, "Berkeley Says No to Torture" Week.

According to the press release, this week will feature "public educational events," starring writers, attorneys, protest leaders and artists - all of whom, will smell awful.

They're will also be performance artists - which clearly violates the whole “no torture" theme. I think we can all agree that water boarding is a joy when compared to a progressive poet with a nose ring and scabies explaining how BushHitler turned her into a self-harming vegan.

By comparison, Abu Grabe is abu fabulous.

But here's my favorite part of the press release...

"Under ..Bush/Cheney, their program of nightmarish war crimes was committed in our names then - but illegal torture and abuse, and the shredding of basic legal and human rights for whole "enemy" populations, is continuing now...under the new Democratic administration."

I love how the word "enemy," is in quotes - because you know, our enemies don't exist. Forget terrorists-- The real enemy, without fail --is always us.

And hygiene.

But the larger truth: these turds don't really care about torture, or they'd address real torture going on right now, all over the world. But - the villain must always be America --which is just a replacement for daddy who didn't love them enough.

Thankfully, the organizers say that "we welcome ...all individuals." Which means I'm coming. Once there, I will be raising awareness of torture in my own particular way.

It involves me reading Frank Rich's latest column out loud, nude.

AND if you disagree with me, you're a racist, homophobic, kenophobe.

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