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A preliminary study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests coffee and tea lovers may have a reduced risk of developing the most common form of malignant brain tumors:

"The findings, from a study of more than 500,000 European adults, add to evidence from a recent U.S. study linking higher coffee and tea intake to a lower risk of gliomas, a group of brain tumors that makes up about 80 percent of malignant brain cancers in adults.

"It does not, however, prove that the beverages themselves confer the protection."

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Proof that romantic rejection hurts: Scientists in the Netherlands say a broken heart can literally stop your heart momentarily; the more rejected we feel, the slower our heart rate becomes:

"Research shows the brain uses some of the same regions to process physical and emotional pain — so getting dumped is not just mentally upsetting, it can also upset your body.

"The effect on the nervous system explains why some of us find ourselves unable to eat or sleep after a break-up."

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Research in the Journal of Pediatrics says a pet dog can actually reduce allergies in allergic children, but that having a cat in the house could just make their allergies worse:

"The researchers focused on several potential risk factors for developing eczema, including dog and cat ownership. The children were tested for 17 separate allergies on a yearly basis from ages one to four years, and the parents completed yearly surveys.

"The results provided interesting information regarding pet ownership. The researchers found that children who tested positive for dog allergies were less likely to develop eczema by age four years if they owned a dog before age one year."

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