Glenn Beck: Fact vs. Opinion

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GLENN BECK, HOST: Ahh, hello, America.

I am — I have to tell you, my assistant said to me today, "Glenn, you just don't want to change into a suit. You could say — you could give it any reason you want." Yes, I was lazy today. But I'm also not going to — I'm going to play student today, and you'll understand in a second.

After last night's show I want to start here. Last night's show, I go back to the house and I'm reading what people are saying again, because last night, I laid out all the facts — again, not — not in any other way but using — last night — not just their own words and their own images and their own videos, but their own websites.

The blogs were complaining — and I love this — quote, "Glenn Beck can find a shadowy socialist conspiracy in everything." Well, that might actually be true, but it wasn't last night. I guess if you attend the secret rally that is going on, secret socialists will be hiding under your bed. No. Uh-uh. Uh-uh.

One of the first keys to be able to critique this show with just an ounce of intelligence is to actually watch the show. And unless they are completely dishonest, I'm assuming they didn't actually watch it, because what I showed you last night was not shadowy, it's not a secret. It's a fact.

There is no star chamber. There doesn't need to be a star chamber. They are out.

The problem is, is America doesn't want to look at it. It's clear as day. Once you begin to see things, you wonder how did — how is everybody missing this? And how did I miss it for so long?

I want to explain this because it goes to a fundamental principle on this program. It goes to a fundamental principle of something that we have lost I think. We're having a lot of problems with the concept of fact.

It's actually these. Problems — we are still arguing what the problems are. There is no arguing. We're spending too much money. Debt, at some point, becomes really, really bad and we're past that point.

That's a problem. But we're still arguing over, "Well, that's not really a problem." Yes, it is!

Problem: Social Security is broke. It's not — we're not going to be able to pay for anybody's Social Security, let alone Medicare, Medicaid and everything else in 10 years. That is a problem. But we're arguing over that.

So, we're arguing over the problems. And the opinions — this is what we've always argued over, the opinions or conclusions or theories. How do you solve the problem? But now, we are arguing over not only the opinion, but the problem and the facts.

Let me show you how Webster defines "fact." It's really quite easy. It is, "the quality of being actual: actuality; something that has actual existence; an actual occurrence."

Whoa! Pretty hard to figure that one out.

An example of a fact would be socialists and communists, revolutionaries are lining up to support the One Nation Working Together rally.

All right. Look at their website. Four days to go. We start to see all of the people that are sponsoring. And here you see on the side, on the Web site, Communist Party USA.

It's not a shadowy conspiracy. It's on their website! It's also on the Communist Party USA website. Show that to me. Communist Party, there it is — One Nation.

OK. It's so hidden it's in plain view. This isn't just one bad apple that has crashed the squeaky-clean list of sponsors. This whole site is riddled with socialist, revolutionary nasty — I told you last night — people that would be in any other presidency, they would be on a FBI watch list.

One socialist group after another — there they are. These are just some of them, riddled with it.

All right. If this is supposed to be some sort of shadowy secret, then these guys are the worst secret keepers of all time. I mean, whatever you do, please, Mr. President, if this is a secret, don't give these secret keepers the nuke codes, because they'll end up naming their organization like 12-43-71-8 Alpha, Bravo, Zero.

This is not — this is not, again, an opinion. This is a fact. The problem is we're bankrupting our country. The facts are: the president is surrounded by communists and Marxists. My opinion is something else.

Now, apparently we need to get back to the basics and explain the difference between fact and opinion. This used to be called critical thinking. Do we need to go over critical thinking?

Look at the facts. Look at the problems. Critical thinking. What fits?

Now, some will go out of their way to point out that people like me or let's use Bill O'Reilly because — I mean, can't we make him a target once in a while, again? Please? Please?

Bill O'Reilly blends facts and opinion all the time. I hate him for that! They say that's dangerous. I'm with you. You should target him for a while.

The president said in Rolling Stone magazine that Fox, people like Bill O'Reilly, me, people that blend fact and opinion together is, quote, "destructive" to our country. Wow!

Let me ask you this: What is the difference between me and the newspapers or the networks or The New York Times — besides we still have ratings or people that watch or pay attention?

The difference is this: I tell you that this is an opinion show. I tell you, and I expect you to understand the difference between fact and opinion. I expect you. They do not — no, no, not only do they not expect you to know the difference, they are counting on it. I believe they think that you are too stupid to figure it out.

I'll treat you like an adult. FOX treats you like an adult. Bill O'Reilly treats you like an adult. They'll treat you like boys and girls.

Is it coincidence that Fox again came out as the top most-trusted news source in America? We have highest marks, 42 percent, trusting Fox News. That is — you know, I would hope it would be higher than that. But then let's look at MSNBC: 12 percent.

And that's why broadcast news and, yes — they tell me, I haven't seen it — they tell me broadcast news on it, what, at 5 or 6 in the afternoon, they're still doing it. Who knew?

It's why newspapers are dying. Why? Because they deny that they have an opinion when they blatantly do. You see, the journalists have gotten so good at blending fact and opinion together that they can no longer separate the difference between the two. And people can see that.

You want to know what the facts are. Then you want to hear somebody say, well, here's why it is this way. Here's what I think is happening.

That's what you want. You want to know what the truth is on the facts and then you want somebody you trust to tell you, I think this is what is happening. You engage with them in some critical thinking.

Instead, the newspapers will just take their opinion and blend it in, as part of the story — you know, the Tea Parties are dangerous, radical hate mongers.

You don't have to discredit them. Nobody has to take them on. They're discrediting themselves.

And now, what they're trying to do — and they're only going to discredit themselves more — they try to discredit me because — look, not only am I competition and this network is competition, but they believe in the things this government is doing right now. So, they have to discredit.

Well, they've tried everything they can. I mean, The New York Times on Sunday is running a — a guy took, what was it, three months to research me and dig into all my laundry. Three months. It's like an 8,000-page expose on me in The New York Times magazine this weekend.

I didn't lose a wink of sleep — didn't lose a wink of sleep. It's out now. You can find it online, I hear. But it's fine with me. I have nothing to hide. You know who I am.

They've tried to discredit me by telling you all kind of horrible stories or whatever. That didn't work. Well, now, you have to — instead of discrediting me — because you can't — you now have to discredit the theories. But, really, you have to attack the facts.

So, what's the best way to do it? You tie the theory, the opinion, the conclusion, into the facts. You make them one and the same. For instance: The march, the One Nation thing, they say it's a conspiracy because they know that doesn't play with people. People don't want to get into conspiracies. It's not. It's a fact.

Here is the opinion from last night. Not that they're — he's surrounded by all of these Marxists. Not that he's surrounded by all of these really dangerous groups.

Here is the theory — here is my opinion on it: The president has aligned himself with these radical socialists. Fact.

They're radical Marxist. They're militant communists. Fact.

Many of them have called for the overthrow of the American government. Fact.

The people, who have supported cop killers, ran a cop killer as their president — for as as a candidate for the president of the United States, but he had a hard time winning because he was in prison. Fact.

Those are facts.

Opinion? I said he's either lying to you or he's lying to them. And here's what's going to happen: If the president is lying to people like that, he's in danger, because if they feel like they've been lied to or duped, we know what they are capable of.

The other part of that opinion is: He may be lying to you.

He's in trouble if he's lying to them. You're in trouble if he's lying to us.

But here's — here's the deal: you cannot be both. You cannot be with the — the fact is, you cannot be with radical socialist, communists and be also, you know, mom and Chevrolet and apple pie and baseball, you — you can't.

It's one or the other. That's the fact.

My opinion is: I know which one he is. But that's for you to decide. You look at the facts. Then you decide.

You just have to rationally explain it to yourself. And too many Americans are not looking at things, because they don't want to look at it. It's hard to think — we've never been in this position before, I think. Well, maybe with Nixon in a way, where he was just a criminal and we're like, no, I don't want to look at my president that way.

Look, the facts are the facts. And if they tell you something — well, then, you have to address that. You have to openly contemplate where the facts take you. If you don't like it — well, life stinks sometimes.

You can't be a fact denier, can you? I mean, that's what Ahmadinejad is. He's a Holocaust denier. Here are the ovens. Here are the gas chambers. "Well, it didn't happen." What?

The facts — you have to look at the facts. You have can't look at all the socialist groups on the site of the One Nation rally and say, "Socialists? He's a socialist — that's crazy!"

Really? I believe that's called denial. And eventually, as an alcoholic, I know, eventually, denial leads to death. We've come to this wall where we can't see our politicians or our presidents doing certain things. And it doesn't make sense to me.

Here's the thing: There's a — there's a — we can't accept that maybe they have a fundamental disconnect with the values and the principles of the United States. But here is what doesn't make sense. Do you remember Gary Condit? And this guy was cleared of killing the intern, right? But we all, everybody — I mean, everybody — looked at him and went, oh, yes. He killed her. He killed her. Remember?

But some reason, there is an electrified fence around the idea that the president of the United States isn't being honest about his beliefs on the American system.

Now, let me ask you a question, America: Which should be a harder leap to make, a guy we elected had an affair, then he murdered the intern to cover it up? That's a pretty — he killed somebody? That's a pretty big leap. Or this one: The president just disagrees with you on the fundamental structure of this country and is transforming it and he's telling you he's transforming it and he is also hanging out with communists and revolutionaries?

Which one should be harder to make the leap to? He disagrees with you or he's a killer?

This one should be an easier one, but for some reason, we can't go there. We can't go there because we can't answer the question — well, how does it benefit him?

And that's what we're going to address tonight. Every bizarre action this president does, you can't just trust that the president believes in the American free market system, as much as you do. One piece of diversity we don't consider anymore is that someone, even the president, may not actually like the American system. He may want to fundamentally transform it.

Progressives have taken that trust — no, I shouldn't say that. Everybody has taken your trust. That's why I tell you please don't — don't give me your blind trust. Don't believe anything that I say — check it out for yourself. Take it and look at it. Explore it. Investigate.

You be the master of your own destiny. You really believe something inside or out or reject it based on the fact.

Progressives have taken that trust, and so distorted it, and now, they're using it against us, because they know there are certain things you don't want to believe. And they use it as a defense, even in the face of indisputable facts, because they'll take a theory, that's unpopular, that you don't want to look at. And they'll discredit the facts with that theory because you don't want to think about it.

But the facts are that this administration has done a lot of things that make no sense. He insulted our British friends when he returned the bust of Winston Churchill. How do you explain that?

The Lockerbie letter. He sent a secret letter to Scotland saying America would not mind if the Lockerbie bomber was released as long as he was kept in Scotland. What?

Afghanistan — Obama called everything under the sun an emergency, including health care, but he took a sweet time in making a decision in Afghanistan where our boys are actually under fire.

How about Iran? Obama's nuclear summit focused on America and Russia reducing nuclear arsenals, but Iran and North Korea weren't there. The White House said they didn't matter. What?

U.S. energy consumption — Obama wants to reduce our consumption, cap our oil wells. Yet, he has no interest in getting China to reduce their consumption. And America is actively loaning money to other countries to expand their oil exploration. That doesn't make sense.

The facts are: This president has surrounded himself with anti-free market Marxists who don't like the American system and they want to change it. But to say that isn't exactly right. Some people — and I said this, too — what, a year-and-a-half ago? That it's race-based. That wasn't right, either.

Searching for answers. The question is: why? What — why would he do that? How could it possibly benefit the president to collapse the system, or somehow or another make us a Third World nation?

Tonight, I am going to present an opinion, a conclusion, a theory, based on facts that will answer the problem. You've got questions.

The facts are indisputable. It will allow you to understand the president a little bit more.

At the same time, see that the president, I don't think, actually sees himself as being nefarious when he said to Joe the plumber, I don't want to hurt you, I just believe in redistribution of wealth is good for everybody.

His theory allows him to believe and you be able to believe him and take him at face value that he doesn't think he's doing the wrong thing. He's doing what he believes is good for the greater good — collective salvation.

The different between fact and fiction, the difference between fact and opinion — there is a different between the both of them. We're going to give you the facts and present a theory. And then you are going to have to draw your own conclusions and see what makes sense.

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