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GLENN BECK, HOST: You know it and I know it that almost everything that you own is losing value. It's called deflation. Household wealth has fallen now $1.5 trillion. That's just in the second quarter this year. Household net worth has fallen over $10 trillion since the recession began. Stocks are down almost $2 trillion.

You're not making as much money. Unemployment numbers are shooting up. And things aren't much better for the government.

An economist now out of Boston University is saying that the government is hiding the true amount of the debt and practicing Enron-like accounting. No! He says that our real debt is 15 times higher than the government estimates. He's calculating it now at $202 trillion if you include the non-budgetary items like unfunded liabilities, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the defense in the budget, Fannie and Freddie — $202 trillion. Can't get your way out of that box.

All right. Some of the other things that are happening just in the news today, been six months — Americans still have no idea what is in the health bill. Even though Nancy Pelosi said once it's passed we'll find out. And, oh, boy, are we finding out?

One thing we do know about the bill: it is now about to destroy private insurance companies making it more difficult for children to get health insurance. Now, this is something that I told you, over a year ago, was coming. How did I know that?

Well, I'm not a prophet. I'm not a seer. I'm not a revelator. I'm a — I'm a guy that listens to what they say and I don't dismiss because it sounds crazy.

That's what they're counting on. They are counting on you going — well, no, nobody would do that. No. Yes, they would and they are. That's how a lot of the stuff that we have talked about the last three nights, you knew 15 months ago, because I told you it would happen and now, it is.

We looked at it again. This is what your friends are doing. Your friends are looking at it through their eyes. Well, we believe in the free market. We believe in small government.

We got to have — they're still arguing the size of government. Should it be bigger or a little smaller? Or much bigger or much smaller?

No. Forget about that. These are the eyes that everything needs to be viewed in. Then all of a sudden, the news makes sense and you'd be able to predict them.

Obama said that his ultimate goal was a single-payer tax system. Now, I told you that when we were going through health care, the single-payer system was where he wanted to be. I wasn't guessing. I played his own words. He said that's what he wanted and you would have to get there and take it one step at a time.

Here's what I played for you.


THEN-STATE SENATOR BARACK OBAMA: I happen to be a proponent of a single-payer universal health care plan. A single-payer health care plan, universal healthcare plan. That's what I'd like to see. But, as all of you know, we may not get there immediately.


BECK: Notice the sign underneath him is AFL-CIO.

OK, that was in 2003. I played it for you all during the debate. Nobody would listen.

In March, once health care was passed, notice he doesn't say here that he's against it or he didn't want it or anything like that. He's angry at this charge. Listen to the exchange between him and the audience member.


AUDIENCE MEMBER: What about the public option?

OBAMA: That's not in it.


OBAMA: Because, we couldn't get it through Congress, that's why.


BECK: That's why. He couldn't get it through Congress. Otherwise, it would have been there. No, you said you were against it after you said you were for it.

So, you have to look at it through their eyes and listen. One of the steps to drive private insurers out is make them unprofitable.

See, that's how they know. They couldn't pass it through Congress, so they know. They just build a system and then force it to collapse, slowly but surely, through all kinds of regulations. You make insurance unprofitable.

Obamacare mandates insurer covers all preexisting conditions. They cannot refuse anyone.

Well, that's like telling the — you know, the casinos they must cover everybody. Everybody must win, even if they don't make a bet. Well, casinos would go out of business.

Yes, but it's fair. They won't even recognize. They don't — they don't need all that money. They won't even notice all that money is gone.

All right. That leaves the door open for people now to not pay for their health insurance. But as soon as they get sick, they call on these companies and then sign up for health insurance and then the insurance company has to pay when they're sick. Insurance companies have done the math. They will lose money big time. They will not stay in business so they are dropping out of the market.

Now, who's going to get blamed? Of course, the media will spin it as big evil insurers. And who will be there to save the day? The government.

Collapse the system but make sure — see if this sounds familiar, I told you this over a year ago — make sure you have the net, the framework, so it collapses in to your arms. This is the progressive pattern, create a crisis so people say, "Fix it," and then you have the structure and the solution in place.

Well, people, luckily, are becoming more and more aware of what is going on. Sixty-one percent of the American people now believe we are on the wrong track. I can't believe it's not higher than that. Sixty-eight percent of Americans believe lowering taxes is the way to create jobs.

So, why aren't they doing it? Because, as I showed you last night, it's not what they believe. They do not believe in the free market system. They do not believe in small government. I told you in their own words what they believed.

So, now, if you look at it from their perspective, now their actions make seemingly bizarre actions totally understandable.

Why do they refuse to lower taxes? Because it will grow jobs. It makes America stronger. It makes individuals wealthier and then it makes them in turn less dependent on government for solutions and more difficult for them to achieve the goal of global redistribution of wealth and global government and global governance.

It becomes clear why our wealth is falling. It's by design.

The current science "czar," John Holdren, advocates for the de-development of America. Well, if you're advocating for the de-development of America, think of that — then your science "czar" would be happy to see the wealth go down because it's the leveling of playing field.

Now, why do they not tell you what's in health care? Because they know you don't want government health care. But by the time you figure out that's exactly what they did, it's going to be too late because those companies will be out of business, they'll be gone. Once America figures it out, it's too late.

That's why they've got to make all of this stuff sound like a conspiracy theory. That's why — that's why they do everything they can to just keep it under the cover, just accuse, accuse, accuse — crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy. But then it ends up happening. Why? Because you've lost now a year-and-a-half. It's going to become too late eventually when the rest of America figures it out.

Why do they hide the real debt? Because they know — they know you're not this person. You're not Cloward and Piven. You don't want to collapse the system. You don't want to have Bill Ayers and ACORN and SEIU and everybody else, these global elites.

This isn't you! You will do the hard thing so your children will have an opportunity to have an America, and a chance for liberty later on.

So, what they do is they hide it. They keep going with the charade until they've got their structure in place. And then they have complete control over you.

Now, listen to me, that is a powerful statement. That is — that is an amazing claim to make on national TV, to say that progressives in power right now, these people, are putting in place a system that will control every aspect of your life.

How does Rupert Murdoch keep me on the air if that's not true? Well, he keeps me on the air because I have the proof to back it up. Their words, I have them on tape saying these things.

Let me start with the most dangerous man in America, Cass Sunstein. Here he is. He seems like a nice guy. I know Republicans who love him. I know Republicans who say I'm crazy about it. That's fine. That's fine.

Let the evidence of his actions and his own words and you decide. Let me put him out. You decide.

I say he's the most dangerous man for a couple of reasons. And for about a year-and-a-half, you haven't understood, because you haven't seen his work and I haven't been able to point to his work until now. But now that I can, look out. The clock is ticking.

He doesn't have to post his work online anywhere. He doesn't answer to you. He doesn't have to hold a press conference. He doesn't have to do anything except what he wants to do. And you're not going to know anything about what he's done until long after he is gone.

Now, that's the first reason. The first reason he's dangerous is because you never see him coming.

But he's also dangerous because beside the unlimited, unchecked power that he has to regulate every single industry and every single person in America, he also believes that the best solution for America to fix it because we both agree it's unsustainable is the redistribution of wealth and global government run by elites.

Remember, he sees you as Homer Simpson, in his own words.


CASS SUNSTEIN, SCIENCE "CZAR": Once we know that people are human and have some Homer Simpson in them, then there's a lot that can be done to manipulate them.


BECK: I mean, how many times do I have to play that on television before Americans are outraged? Once you know who they are, then you can manipulate them. I'm going to get to some old, dusty books today because this has happened before.

Unintelligent — that's who you are. You're incapable of making decisions that will ultimately better America and the globe. The reason why the show is successful is because I say the opposite is true.

Sunstein wants to control you. He's helping the government control you. He fancies himself — his words — a choice architect. And so, he's going to take out all of the bad choices and leave you with only the ones he sees as good ones.

So, in other words, you go in and order your McDonald's hamburger. Would you like carrots or broccoli with that? Well, I want French fries. No, I'm sorry, these are the choices.

That way you can't ever choose poorly. You are a lab rat. You have been tricked in compliance with their global redistribution of wealth, leveling the playing field scheme, and every day that we play Republican and Democrat politics is another day we lose. Don't you see they are using us on that game?

You have to see it through their eyes. Remember, this is what they see. Things are unsustainable. That's the problem. Everybody knows it's unsustainable. So, that's the problem.

How to solve it now? We say, free market and small government. They say redistribution of wealth. Not between the rich, not from Rupert Murdoch to you — but from you to Venezuela. Redistribution of wealth and global government run by elites.

Once you understand this, this story is going to make sense. This is happening today. Hillary Clinton wants global standard for cook stoves. What?

If you are looking at life, free market solutions, small government, and this is unsustainable — this makes no sense. You say what — what is she doing? Cook stoves?

But think of this story not through your eyes — their eyes. Things are unsustainable. Global standards for cook stoves. The Earth has a temperature.

Redistribution of wealth and global framework. Re-read the goals. Clinton says she wants to boost access to large-scale carbon financing. Redistribution of wealth, because it's unsustainable.

She also added, "Our long-term goal is to have a universal adoption all over the world." Global governance.

It's not about saving the planet. It's about spreading the wealth and having the global structure in place for the elites to take control.

America figured this out in time, barely, but in time in about 1918.
They figured it out when Woodrow Wilson started talking about the League of Nations, which was global government.

Now, does the story make sense through your eyes? That story with Hillary Clinton — no. Does it make sense over here? Yes!

Their clear ideology is a clear and present danger to America. If you think I'm exaggerating, let's take a look how the choice architects have changed your life all because you're Homer Simpson and you haven't noticed. These are just the things that they have done in the last 18 months on food.

Now, this is all going to be up on, Fox Nation, and I want you to see all of these things because it's too much to even show you.

• Click here to read the list

But let me just start with food. Left to your own devices, you're going to eat too much. You're going to be a big, fat, fatty and you'll eat the wrong food. You'll become unhealthy.

Well, enter Cass Sunstein and the choice architects. Boston officials, remember, who is in charge of Boston — oh, yes, that's right, Barack Obama's best friend — they are considering a ban on soda in vending machines and snack bars all across the city. The reason? Well, people are too fat.

A third grader was given a harsh punishment of a week's detention. Why? Not for a fight, not for a gun. But for violating junk state laws on junk food limits.

She wasn't trafficking chocolate to other students. No, no, no. She had a Jolly Rancher. And when I say a Jolly Rancher, I don't mean a bag. I mean a Jolly Rancher. A week's detention.

New York City had a bill introduced last March. In it, it read, "No owner or operator of this restaurant in the state shall use salt in any form in the preparation of any food for consumption by customers. Restaurants would be fined $1,000."

California, the first to ban trans fats to battle heart disease because it's best for you, the FDA, in an amazing thing, trying to crackdown on Cheerios. They threatened — here's the letter — threatened to regulate them. Cheerios.

Why? Because they made they made unauthorized health claims. Notice they didn't say "inaccurate." They said "unauthorized." The FDA threatened to, quote, "consider the cereal a drug which could not be marketed without all being submitted first for approval." Cheerios.

Now, here's some history about the FDA. Do you even know how it's really started? Do you know the history behind it? Progressives. Progressives brought it to us. And it has a lot to do with Coca-Cola.

When Coca-Cola was, it was the first soft drink made in 1886. And what does "Coca" stand for? Cocaine. Well, by 1904, before cocaine was illegal, Coke removed it from the drink. That's 1904, they took all the cocaine out.

Well, in 1911, one of the first tests of the federal pure law and food drug — the Pure Drug and Food Law was to — that was the first FDA — was to go after Coca-Cola. The government seized the shipment of Coca-Cola and charged that it was adulterated and misbranded. But it didn't have any Coca-Cola — didn't have any coke in it. Well, they said Coca — that referred to cocaine — which had to be removed. Well, they said it has been removed. We replaced it with caffeine.

Well, they went to court on this. They lost. And so then they said, well, that's false advertising, because it doesn't have cocaine in it. Well, you didn't want cocaine in it. But it's false advertising.

When that didn't work, they went after caffeine. They argued that caffeine was nature's poison and should also be removed. Eventually, the case made it all the way to the Supreme Court, which ruled in favor — and I don't know much how longer we can do this — saying it's the real thing.

Now, do you notice all the solutions, all the solutions to these problems — it's never you. You just have to remove the bad choice in life. No, no, no, you have can't have this. This isn't good for you. Notice how also none of these solutions help businesses in any way.

The progressives expand this strategy to all areas of life.

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