Glenn Beck: How the Choice Architects Are Changing America


Boston: Health officials in the city are considering banning or limiting the sale of soda and other sugary, high calorie drinks in vending machines and snack bars as a way to battle obesity | Read more

New York: A bill was introduced in the state legislature that would ban the use of salt in restaurant cooking | Read more

California: The first state to ban the use of trans fat-containing cooking oils | Read more

San Francisco: Under an executive order from Mayor Gavin Newsom, Coke, Pepsi and Fanta Orange are no longer allowed in vending machines on city property | Read more

Oregon: Health inspectors shut down a 7-year-old girl's lemonade stand | Read more

San Francisco: Officials in Silicon Valley have introduced a law banning restaurants from offering toys with any children's meals that fail to meet national health criteria | Read more

New York: The Department of Education has deemed certain foods nutritionally sound enough to sell at public school bake sales in lieu of homemade goods, which have been banned in part because they do not list nutritional content | Read more

San Francisco: The city is considering banning bottled water at all events held on city property | Read more

Texas: A third-grader at Brazos Elementary was given one week of detention for possessing a Jolly Rancher | Read more

U.S.: FDA suggests Cheerios be regulated like a drug in a letter to general mills | Read more


Oregon senator proposes breastfeeding tax credits| Read more

Florida city contemplating ban on hiring tobacco users | Read more

New York wants to ban smoking in NYC in public parks and beaches | Read more


San Francisco considers pet store ban | Read more

Banning the use of pedicure fish | Read more


Restrictions on yard sales nationwide | Read more

Baggy pants to be banned in Georgia town | Read more

New York school administrators and officials ban riding bikes to school | Read more

Illinois man arrested for giving free rides to keep drunk drivers off the road | Read more

Minnesota State Department of Human Rights bans ladies nights at bars | Read more

Move to ban non-lethal weapons: South Portland moves to ban possession of non-lethal weapons such as BB guns, air guns, bows and arrows or slingshots, in public places | Read more


California restricts big screen TVs because they aren’t energy efficient | Read more


LFTC to regulate home bloggers | Read more

Department of Labor cracking down on unpaid internships | Read more


EPA rulemaking video contest | Read more

No digging sandcastles on a Florida beach | Watch more