So I guess their radicals, beat our radicals.

Think about it: President Obama starts pleading with that nutty Florida minister to knock off his idiotic plan to burn Korans. Obama said the act would incite terrorists "to blow themselves up."

Maybe. But nobody burned Korans before 9/11 or the first World Trade Center attack in '93.

To me, the definition of radical extremism is that its viciousness exists no matter what you or I do. Radicals blow up nice people and jerks and that includes innocent Muslims who coveted their Korans.

There was no Koran barbecue prior to terror attacks in Argentina, Kenya, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Turkey, London, Lebanon, Italy or Germany. The victims there didn't ask for it and that defines an extremist.

Yet, I've grown up with images of burned American flags, dead American hostages, our troops dragged through streets and psychotic masses of angry chanters preaching our death. And I haven't killed anyone (aside from that guy in '84.)

Anyway, I'd go on about this double standard — in which our mass media finds it easy to crap on idiot Christians, but can't even call the Fort Hood shooter a Muslim extremist — but who cares: The Rev. Jones has canceled the thing. Apparently Defense Secretary Gates called and urged him to stop.

See, Jones just wanted attention. He doesn't want to die. He still wants to get his breakfast at Denny's and enjoy a good poop.

Which goes back to my original point: You can actually deal with our nuts, but you can't deal with theirs.

Maybe that's why Obama is so scared of ticking them off. What do you call that? Oh yeah: Islamophobia.

And if you disagree with me, you're a racist, Islamophobic homophobe.

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