Toxic School Named After Greenies

So, apparently officials have named a L.A. school after two greenies: Al Gore and Rachel Carson, the dead author known for birthing the modern environmental movement.

The public school costs $75 million, and will house about 600 students. But get this: It's located on a pile of toxic goo.

Yep, according to activists, the soil there contained more than "a dozen underground storage tanks serving light industrial businesses," and even more ooze from tanks of a nearby gas station.

So the fact that this enviro-church sits on a vast mound of chemical poison may sound pretty ironic, at least to bloggers who might write, "Hey, this sounds pretty ironic."

But that would be an incorrect usage of the word irony, because Rachel Carson's ideology is poison, responsible in part for the deaths of millions worldwide. It seems only fitting that a structure named after her should be the cherry on the contaminated cake.

Carson, if you remember, wrote a book called "Silent Spring" back in 1962. In it she falsely wrote that DDT — which kills malaria-carrying mosquitoes — caused harm to birds. She also linked it to cancer (more BS), and this alarmism then led to a DDT ban in 1972.

Now, decades later, the loss of DDT in the developing world has allowed up to 2 million human deaths each year from malaria. According to the American Council on Science and Health, 30 to 60 million have died since the ban.

So, that's why irony doesn't work here. Side note: For all you folks panicky over bedbugs, realize that experts blame the DDT ban, along with global travel, for that, too. So every time you scratch, think of Rachel.

And if you disagree with me, you're a racist homophobe who won't return my handcuffs.

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