Mom of Girl Who Died Says Cop Blocked Her Way to Hospital

An 11-year-old New York City girl died after her mom was detained by a man in uniform as she tried desperately to rush her to a hospital.

"She was my angel," Carmen Ojeda said of daughter Briana. "I cannot believe my baby is gone."

The New York City Police Department is trying to determine whether the man was a cop, auxiliary officer, traffic agent or private security guard.

The tragedy happened after Briana suffered an asthma attack at 5:15 Friday afternoon at a playground in Carroll Gardens located in Brooklyn.

"We have all the equipment in the car but nothing was working, " Briana's dad, Michael, told The Post. "Her eyes started to get really, really big."

Carmen Ojeda called 911 but couldn't wait for the ambulance and took off in her car.

To break free from heavy traffic, Ojeda turned the wrong way on a one-way street, and hit a parked car.

She then flagged down a marked car and a uniformed man got out.

"My wife screamed at him, 'Help! My daughter needs CPR,'" Michael said.

The man then allegedly "smirked" and responded, "I don't do CPR."

The mom said she pleaded to be allowed to continue to Long Island College Hospital while the girl was "still breathing," but he tried to box her in.

Good Samaritan Scott Voloshin, who performed CPR on Briana on the way to the hospital, told WABC/Channel 7 he's certain the man was an New York City police officer.

Whoever stopped Ojeda eventually followed her to the hospital. After a doctor broke the news that Briana had died, the "officer" ripped up a ticket he had been trying to give Ojeda, Michael said.

Briana, who was set to enter the sixth grade, wanted to be lawyer and would donate her allowance money to help animals, her mom said.