Top 10 Unhealthiest Fast-Food Meals

That value meal could be your last supper.

The Top 10 fast-food restaurants in the nation boast entrees loaded with stomach-stuffing, artery-clogging saturated fat, sodium, and calories, according to a study by Men's Health magazine.

"Fast food requires fast decisions, and we wanted to create a guide to help people lose weight while still eating fast food," said David Zinczenko, author of the book series "Eat This! Not That!" and the mag's editor-in-chief, who conducted the study.

Topping the list as the worst of the worst was the Tuna Melt sandwich combo from Quiznos.

The value meal, which comes with a bag of Cheetos, tops out at an astonishing 1,900 calories — the equivalent of eating an entire bag of Chips Ahoy! cookies and near the average person's daily caloric intake, the study noted.

No. 2 on the list was the Triple Baconator Value Meal from Wendy's. The sandwich, which has three hamburger patties, three slices of cheese and nine strips of bacon, packs an 1,850-calorie punch when paired with a small Coke and fries.

Other offenders include the large Triple Whopper with Cheese Value Meal, which weighs in at nearly 1,800 calories, and the Big Breakfast Platter from McDonald's, which contains 1,370 calories and nearly 65 grams of fat.

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