For Your Health: Look Out MRSA

The key to the fight against aging may be found in grapes, wine, peanuts and blueberries — foods containing resveratrol.

The plant extract is also known to suppress inflammation that could lead to heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes:

"Study author Husam Ghanim, PhD, of the University of Buffalo says the popular plant extract has been shown to prolong life and reduce the rate of aging in roundworms, fruit flies, and yeast, apparently because resveratrol affects a gene associated with longevity."

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A new study says chili peppers may help lower blood pressure.

The active ingredient that gives the peppers their heat also relaxes blood vessels. Further studies are needed to find out how many chilis need to be eaten:

"Hypertensive rats were fed a diet rich in capsaicin, which is found in chilli peppers, by scientists at the Third Military Medical University in China. This reduced the rats' blood pressure over time, according to the study published in this month's Cell Metabolism journal."

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Look out, MRSA — you may have met your match.

Scientists have created a family of "super-antibiotics" capable of beating deadly infections that have shown resistance to drugs in the past. They could be on the market within a decade:

"Many superbugs are resistant to all but one or two antibiotics, and with resistance growing all the time, some scientists predict a "medical apocalypse" in which hospital bugs will be completely untreatable."

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