'Glenn Beck': Thomas Frank Tries to Smear Glenn's Teaching of American History

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GLENN BECK, HOST: Oh, I have a feeling it might be a snotty, snotty break because we're going to quote from the Wall Street Journal here. You see, this — this is the summer of recovery.

The administration is adding job after job to the government payrolls, pouring stimulus money into wonderful products like — I'm not kidding you — cocaine for money — for monkeys to see if they like Doritos when they're high. Why?

But it's also the summer of restoration and we made a pledge to you to restore history on this program, to show you what really happened, good and bad. To bring us to a place where we are now.

How did that happen? It's getting under the skin of the left. Oh, yes. Yes. Those with the elbow patches don't like this program very much. No, no.

I told you a fire is starting. You stand in that fire because the fire is truth. Just like Moses and the burning bush, it will consume all the lies and all the falsehoods all around. But you better make sure you're in the fire and you are telling the truth.

Once it starts, it's hard to put the flame out. But here's an article in the Wall Street Journal today. Look at this — written by Thomas Frank. Thomas, let me ask you a question, you greedy name hoarder. Why two names? Thomas Frank — two front names. What? Pick one. Is it Frank? Is it Thomas? I don't know. Confusing.

Anyway, Thomas/Frank has claims and has had some fun pointing out historical bumblings of public figures great and small. That's what he says. Only those on the right, of course, because Thomas/Frank is so smart and we are so, so very dumb.

He's so smart that one of the things that he is pointing out here is that Jim DeMint said that Europe boomed after World War II.

Frank/Thomas staunchly defended socialism in an article entitled "Jim DeMint's Capitalist Fairy Tales" without ever mentioning that the years that he is insisting that European nations starting doing well, you know, it contradicts DeMint's point in the book that the United States under its evil capitalist economy sent the Marshal Plan over and pumped $13 million in aid to those socialist countries.

In today's hit piece, Frank/Thomas enlists the help of Harvard historian Jill Lepore. Oh, I love Jill. Call me, Jill. Call me. She informs Frank/Thomas that the history of the Founders is critically important to Americans. No.

So the question arises, "But to these fundamentalists — they come to the inevitable question: Why do so many others disagree with them? How is it that one set of people knows for sure what it means to 'take back America' but another set keeps contradicting them.

"Glenn Beck has the answer, 'It's because our history is being stolen from us,' as he announced on his program a month ago. Progressives have been changing history for about 100 years,' the entertainer intoned" — that's me — "sitting next to a pile of textbooks. 'They knew they had to separate us from our history to be able to separate us from our Constitution and God.

"He continues, 'Besides, history is simply too important to be left to historians.'" Yes. "For one thing, as Mr. Beck charged on another occasion, historians are biased. See, what happens is historians have been going back and trying to piece things together and bring in their own ideas instead of going back to the original sources, and that's really the problem.

"In Mr. Beck's monologues I guess no opinion intrude. He gives us the fundamentals. All is presented as we know it must have been."

You know, Thomas/Frank, or Frank/Thomas, this is an opinion show. I just happen to use history to back up my opinions. But because progressives changed history to make their opinions work, we have to go back to the original sources, not someone's opinion like Jill, who, granted, is hot. No, she is, and I love her work, whatever it is.

Yes, they made their opinions 150 years after things happened. But the originators of history, you look at their words because they were there. You look at their actual actions and it doesn't really back up your opinion of what happened.

But Frank/Thomas smears me and makes all the allegations through the latest article, but never, not once — never, not once, does he actually address or refute any of the facts that I present every single night.

I say by the way, the latest article, because Frank/Thomas seems somewhat obsessed with me. It's kind of like maybe I should get a restraining order or something. I feel so naked here.

In addition this morning's Glenn Beck and our stolen history piece in the Wall Street Journal, Thomas/Frank has always written "Glenn Beck's Hotline to Nowhere." In that one he alleges that the red phone isn't actually connected because Robert McChesney at the Free Press doesn't have the number.

Oh, I'm sorry. Robbie — Bobby, didn't I call you? Look, I should have — it's a dummy. It's a hotline to the White House. They have the number. I thought we made that pretty clear.

Then there was the fabulous Playboy article which everyone buys the magazine for, the articles, Thomas/Frank — this one says the triumph of conservative underground, "Glenn Beck's Holy War."

Wow, gee, Frank/Thomas, so much attention. Maybe we should just get a room, huh? Surely, though, this is about journalism, right? You're just a truth-seeker, right Frank or Thomas or whatever your name is? I'm sure that what it is.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I love Obama. I voted for — I voted for him many times. He's my state senator back in Chicago. I, you know, followed this guy's career for ages. I think he's the greatest thing in the world.


BECK: That's not the information you're looking for. It's probably not worth mentioning also that Mrs. Frank/Thomas was member of the White House Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. Very objective. Thanks, Thomas/Frank.

You know, you just never know where Frank or Thomas stands politically. He's an enigma wrapped in a mystery. If he was wrapped in bacon, I might eat him. He looks so yummy.

Look, again, no substance in this at all. There never is. What they do is they attack. They smear and hope something sticks. Frank/Thomas, and those just like you — they're in love with President Obama and his agenda. They do it again.

And they look to destroy anyone that stands in their way, but they will fail. Yes, because I'm a Jedi master. As long as we are all standing, we will not fail, as long as we are standing in the fire of truth.

The blaze — the blaze will consume all the lies around. You know, this is weird. I know this goes back to history. I should get Frank/Thomas opinion on this. But I believe it was the same thing that led to the end of the lies of the pharaoh. Ahh, pip, pip, and all the rest.

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