'From the Fox Files': Teen Girls Go Under the Cosmetic Knife

Sunday, August 1 at 4 a.m. ET
Monday, August 1 at 4 a.m. ET

Enter into the portal of information "From the Fox Files" with a riveting 1990 hidden camera investigation by "The Reporters." Imagine if your teenage daughter wanted a nose job? How young is too young? In "Operation Teens" you'll hear firsthand accounts from teenagers and their parents who let them go under the knife. Also, with the use of a hidden camera, you'll witness a consultation with an uncertified plastic surgeon and see how he was ready and willing to operate on an eleven year old girl after a 52 second examination.

In the second 1999 "Fox Files" segment, you'll meet the "Neighbor from Hell" and how he terrorized a family and their 9-year-old daughter. All the girl did was write "hello" in sidewalk chalk on his driveway and he had her name and number posted on a pedophile website.

Then, go undercover with the women of the DEA on the 1990 frontlines in the war on drugs. Meet some of the women agents who put their lives on the line. Witness an undercover sting operation led by a woman DEA agent. You'll see her prepare for the mission and pose as a flight attendant buying drugs from the bad guys. Does she get the bust?

Stick around for the high-flying, adrenaline packed "New Evel Knievels." These amazing motocross freeriders will show you what it takes to land the "big jump." In this amazing "Fox Files" episode, you'll see Travis Pastrana, one of today's most popular motocross riders, as a teenager before fortune and fame.

It's all waiting for you "From the Fox Files."