Family Travel Gadgets Invented by Parents

Travel writer turned mommy blogger ( Amber Johnson spotlights these great family travel gadgets invented by parents:

• Safety Turtle: $235 — or at retail stores throughout North America

Invented by dad-inventor Bob Lyons,. After learning of the drowning of his friend's daughter, Bob completely shifted the focus of his career and devoted all his energy to creating something that could save children's lives.

• Sport-Brella: $69.99 — or 877-225-7275

Invented by dad-inventor Jimmy Elder to allow his entire family to sit together and be protected from the elements wherever they went.

• Infant Cruizer: $149.99 —, 888-686-2552 or at retail stores throughout North America

Invented by mom-inventor Kerry Williams, after the birth of her first child and dealing with the hassle of lugging along car seat and stroller during travel. Kerry realized there had to be a better way and, together with her own father, created the Infant Cruizer.

• My Royal Heinie Daypack: $34.99 —

Invented by co-mom inventors and friends Karen Rappaport and Denise Goldman after a day out with their babies resulted in a diaper emergency when the wipes case could not be found made them realize there had to be a better way to access baby wipes.

• Treasure Chest Pets: $19.99 —

Created by mom-inventor Sandra Castillo after a conversation with her daughter about her stuffed animals.

• SillyBibs: $8.99 —

Invented by mom-inventor Danielle Riiber and her husband, Mat, after the birth of their second child and realizing how much time and hassle could be saved if they could save by having a single bib that could be used for each meal through the day and could be simply rinsed off to make it ready for the next use