Suicidal 'Killer' Gets New Liver Ahead of Cancer Sufferer

A confessed killer who damaged his liver in a botched suicide attempt was given a transplant ahead of a cancer sufferer who has been waiting for more than a year for an organ, the New York Post reported Monday.

New York City resident Kerry Sullivan, 53, must wait for a cadaver liver from an elderly donor or find his own living donor, while Johnny Concepcion, 42, got a transplant days after he confessed to fatally stabbing his wife and downing rat poison in a suicide attempt that destroyed his liver.

"It's a waste of an organ," Sullivan said. "It's ludicrous. Not only did they give it to a killer, but a suicidal killer. How this guy can get priority, with all the thousands of people waiting, is outrageous."

As of mid-July, 50 New York liver-transplant candidates died this year waiting for an organ, according to the Organ Procurement and Transplant Network.

"It's extremely frustrating, and it's scary to know that I could die before I find a donor," Sullivan said. "My wait is excruciating — as it is for everyone out there waiting."

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