'Glenn Beck': Women Raising Awareness About the Needs of Those Who Serve our Country

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GLENN BECK, HOST: Five women — five women, raising awareness about the needs of brave men and women of our military who fight for freedom by walking a mile in their shoes. They are called the Boot Girls.

Leigh Ann Ranslem is an event planner for Boot Campaign. Ginger Giles is the director of operations. Sherry Rulen(ph) is the executive director. And Heather Fordham(ph) is one of the Boot Campaign event planners.

I'm glad you, guys, are here. I saw you last time at Marcus Luttrell's Lone Survivor Foundation kickoff. And I got a pair of boots myself. You guys read "Lone Survivor." Who was the first one that read "Lone Survivor" and passed it on to the other ones?


BECK: And then, what happened?

GINGER GILES, DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS, BOOT CAMPAIGN: Well, I think we were all impacted by it. We were all inspired. It's just such an eye-opening account of what these men and women sacrifice every day for us on a volunteer basis.

BECK: Right.

GILES: And we just kind of felt like we are living the blessed lives, you know, enjoying the freedoms every day. And we need to do something. We need to give back.

BECK: You, guys, are not activists. I mean, well, you are now, but you have never been, right?


BECK: Did you ever see yourself doing anything like this?

GILES: Not at all.

BECK: You are being awfully quiet. So you never — you're doing things you never — you're stretching?

GILES: Right.

BECK: OK. Are you uncomfortable sometimes?


BECK: Yes. Yes. But you are doing amazing things now. So the Boot Campaign — this is why I said at the end, you will figure out why — there is Marcus — Marcus and his dog. You'll find out, America, why I said it's time to put your boots on.

Woof. You guys are selling these boots now. And portions of the proceeds go to the USO and to the Lone Survivor Foundation. How do you get them?

LEIGH ANN RANSLEM, EVENT PLANNER, BOOT CAMPAIGN: You get them on BootCampaign.com which is our Web site. And they cost $145. $45 of that, for every pair, goes back to our featured charities — USO and Lone Survivor.

BECK: Is anybody getting rich off of this? Is anybody making money off of this?

RANSLEM: No, we're not.

BECK: You guys are just doing this because -

GILES: We're keeping our day jobs.

BECK: It is amazing the times that we are living in. You know, the Chinese have a saying, "May you live in interesting days."

Oh, I think we do. But we are learning amazing things. What is the most — what is the best thing that you've learned from this experience?

RANSLEM: That anyone can do this. I mean, every single person in America that appreciates our freedom can put on a pair of military boots in order to say thank you. That's it.

BECK: Put the Web site — put the Web site down at the bottom of the screen. And again, please, America, get your boots on.

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