'From the Fox Files': Inside Peru's Notorious Lurigancho Prison

In this gripping new episode of "From the Fox Files," we'll take you deep inside Peru's notorious Lurigancho Prison, which accused killer Joran Van Der Sloot may soon be calling home. Described as "hell on earth," starvation, violence and disease make survival there almost impossible.

We'll also tell you the mysterious story of a pilot, a bomb and a cover up; you'll hear how hero Navy pilot Douglas Webster's plane was swallowed by the sea off the coast of Japan and never found, despite having a hydrogen bomb on board.

From the lighter side of the video vault, you'll meet a knockout former stewardess who became a champion boxer. We'll also take you to California's Super Bowl of Surfing, the Mavericks, where the search for a "killer ride" can be deadly. You'll also meet a young rapper named Jay-Z, who was on his way toward becoming a music legend as well as building his own empire after escaping a dead-end life on the streets in one of New York's roughest neighborhoods.

All this and more on "From the Fox Files."