American Commander: General David Petraeus

Sunday, July 4 at 3 a.m. ET
Monday, July 5 at 3 a.m. ET
Hosted by Jon Scott

David Petraeus, a four-star Army general, began his military career protecting America 40 years ago. In January 2007 he became the commander of American forces in Iraq and for two years led American troops in that country through what became known as "the surge."

Today, as commanding general of U.S. Central Command, he has been called back to the battlefield by President Obama. Petraeus is now tasked with the leadership of U.S. and Allied Forces in Afghanistan, following the scandal which resulted in the resignation of General Stanley McChrystal.

Who is this man and where did he come from? In this hour-long in-depth Fox News special, veteran correspondent and anchor Jon Scott interviews childhood friends who grew up with Petraeus in the small town of Cornwall, New York. In addition, you will see family photographs of this son of immigrant Dutch parents.

From quiet Cornwall, we journey to the United States Military Academy at West Point, where you will hear from classmates about Petraeus as a young man and officer. After the Academy, Petraeus went on to earn his master’s degree and Ph.D. from an Ivy League university. Those that studied and worked with him reveal his true character as serious and thoughtful.

You will learn inside details on his re-writing the U.S. Army and Marine Corps Counter-Insurgency Field Manual. Sarah Sewall, who worked at the Department of Defense during the Clinton administration, shares insights working with Petraeus on that groundbreaking field manual.

Learn about a horrific accident that threatened Petraeus' life and hear how he was saved by the surgeon turned U.S. senator, Bill Frist.

This Fox News special goes deep inside the life and times of General David Petraeus.