World's Smallest Girl May Not Grow Taller Than 2 Feet

A British toddler who stands at just 22 inches tall, much smaller than other children her age, may not grow any taller, the Daily Mail reported.

Two-year-old Charlotte Garside suffers from a rare form of primordial dwarfism that only an estimated 100 other people in the world have.

Her parents, Scott Garside, 24, and Emma Newman,28, who reside in a small village near Hull, England said they didn’t know anything was wrong with Charlotte and thought her small size was due to her premature birth.

“We didn't think she looked any different,” Newman said. “We just knew that she was very small. She was so tiny the only clothes that would fit her were doll's clothes. But then the doctors said Charlotte had a serious condition but they weren't sure what it was.”

Charlotte weighed just over one pound at birth, and today she weighs just 7 pounds, 8 ounces, about the same as an average size newborn.

She is unable to eat and digest food like a normal child, and is fed through a gastric tube for over 11 hours every day.

But since her last hospital visit in January, doctors say Charlotte is progressing very well, and she’s even attending a private nursery school two days a week.

“We're hoping she may even go to a mainstream school in a few years' time,” Newman said.

A documentary on Charlotte and her family, Extraordinary People: The Tiniest Girl in the World, was aired Monday in the U.K.

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