'Glenn Beck:' Soros Poised to Profit?

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GLENN BECK, HOST: Do you mind if I take off my jacket? Because we have a lot of work to do and it's boiling in this city. And the nice thing about New York this time of year, it doesn't smell like vomit or urine at all.

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OK. We're showing you the circle of deception in the Obama administration and the BP oil spill. It really is Crime Inc. This is a circle that is absolutely amazing. It's probably one of the bigger crimes and no one in the media doesn't seem to — doesn't seem to care. I mean, I think that's the biggest crime. Nobody in the media seems to want to put a full day's work in.

I'm sure it's just another one of the president's bad luck circumstances. Sure, sure. It looks bad.

George Soros, the influential progressive billionaire, you know, heavily invested in Petrobras and stands to make a fortune if the value goes up. And guess what's happening to the value because of what's happening with the Gulf? And the — and the whole thing that the Center for American Progress which he started and runs by John Podesta and Obama is now doing.

Last break, I showed you the Center for American Progress, I touched on the influence over the administration. Oh, stop with the conspiracy. Yes, yes.

I want to show you the response from the BP oil spill. Way, way back on May 3rd, the Center for American Progress said the White House should demand BP set up an escrow account worth billions to pay the Gulf Coast residents.

Do we have that anywhere? No, just in here?

Well, we did it. Yes, it was done last week.

May 4th, Center for American Progress suggested that Obama name a commission to investigate the causes of the BP oil — and May 22nd, Obama did it.

May 21st, Center for American Progress, John Podesta, privately implored White House officials name somebody to be the public point person for the spill response. Yes, yes, yes. And then — surprise, surprise — Obama did it.

If I got any of this wrong, Mr. President, you just let us know. Yes. You got the number, you call me.

This is not the first time that the Obama administration has listened to the Center for American Progress. They've got it all in here — all in here.

They've got the Spain green jobs program. Here's what — this is the report on Spain's green jobs, OK? This is horrible. Damaging study comes out to showing that for every green job gained, 2.2 jobs are lost in the private sector. Spain has already gone through this.

Plus, each job gained costs hundreds of thousands in subsidiaries. It doesn't really look good. That's when Center for American Progress came to the rescue. E-mails obtained through the Freedom of Information Act — do I have those here — Freedom of Information Act show that — here it is, here are the e-mails from the White House, Freedom of Information Act — they say quick, White House, somebody call for the Center for American Progress and win lobbyists and give us a response to this.

Here is the response from the Center for American Progress. White House didn't even know how to answer it so they had to send out e-mails. Help! They did.

CAP also tried to discredit the study by coming out with its — with its own study which demonstrated that such investments improve efficiency and conserve energy and have very high rates of return paying for themselves in a relatively short period of time. Sure.

Other CAP issues turned out to be Obama issues. The smart grid — this is a great one. In fact, California — they just passed a bill that requires the Public Utilities Commission to develop a plan for the smart grid.

Isn't that great? Center for American progress wants it. Now California has it.

What's really great is: You can't get out of the smart grid now. Good to be in California, isn't it?

Financial regulation — Center for American Progress says federal regulators should be allowed to seize failing financial institutions. The House bill, regulators would have the power to stop banks on a case-by-case basis from risky activities. Ain't that weird?

You know who else has said that? Soros. He suggested the president should have nationalized the banks.

Here they are.


FAREED ZAKARIA, CNN HOST: Are you satisfied with the job Barack Obama has done?

GEORGE SOROS, BILLIONAIRE INVESTOR: No, I'm not satisfied. He should have replaced compulsorily replaced the capital that was lost.

ZAKARIA: Which in effect would have been nationalizing the banks.

SOROS: This is what they call nationalizing the banks.


BECK: This is what they call, in my circles when we all gather around a conference room table and people think we wear dark hoods and have candles around us. That's ridiculous. We're all naked at the time. But this is what we call nationalizing the banks.

Oh, thank you for talking down to me, George.

Last but not least, Center for American Progress promoted a spending bill that would jumpstart the economy. We all know what happened there, huh? Now we know. The Apollo Alliance wrote the stimulus bill. It's no surprise.

Are you ready? You're going to love this one. That John Podesta sits on the board for Center for American Progress and the Apollo Alliance.

It's a small world after all.

So you can see the policies and the plan of action — they're mirror images. Isn't it great? Don't forget, the man at the center of all of this: George Soros. He can make billions of dollars.

You won't be able to. You're going to get screwed in the deal. But he can — and he's working hard on putting a new system together for you. The great thing is the administration is helping him out.

So far, it looks like they're willing to play ball. And they're doing it. But it goes deeper still.

CAP's founder, John Podesta, has a brother named Tony Podesta. Remember I told you, Tony Podesta? What does Tony Podesta do for BP?

Well, I want to show you this document. This is fantastic. Here it is.

This is the lobbying report. I'm only showing you all of this stuff because I'm so sick and tired of saying, Glenn Beck, he doesn't have any facts. This is the lobbying report right here.

Tony and John got together, and they started a lobbying company. Now, Tony just happens to be the lobbyist for BP, OK? Now, this is weird, because he's helping coordinate BP and John is helping coordinate the attack on BP, and they're brothers in a company they both formed. It's almost like there might be a conflict of interest here.

I'm trying really hard not to believe that this whole response to the oil spill is some sort of scripted progressive horror show here. But the more you find out, it's almost like there might have been a deal before BP — why talk to the CEO? You didn't need to. John could just call up Tony. Tony could call John. George could set up the deal and Obama would execute it.

Oh, I couldn't say "execution," should I? I'm just saying.

Tony Podesta has more than one client. Are you ready? NBC Universal.

Wait a minute. Hold it. Who owns NBC Universal? GE.

Wait a minute, wait a minute — this is starting to make sense. Who owns the smart grid technology that I just told you about in California? GE. Isn't that weird?

Back to the Center for American Progress again. This president either has A, a lot of connections in real spooky and dark places. Or it's the saddest story I've ever heard. Because every time we start to look into President Obama, we either find a Marxist, a communist, or somebody a part of Crime, Inc. who is screwing you, the taxpayer, to the wall.

I'm betting on it, it's just hard luck. It just has 4,000 times the average happenstance connections. It's weird. You're going to have to make the call on that. America, do your homework because no one else will. It is time for you, as a citizen, to step to the plate.

We've had the free ride. It's time for you to do the homework yourself. Something is wrong here. Everything you see on TV seems to be a puppet show. A puppet show. Tony Podesta, John Podesta, George Soros, Obama, cap-and-trade — all of it.

Aren't you glad we still have 29 more minutes to continue to cover this? Oh, there's more. Lots more, next.


BECK: Later this week, we're going to talk a little bit about immigration. The administration has announced they're going to go after Arizona on the immigration law. We'll talk about that and the amazing video you can find at GlennBeck.com on Sen. Kyl's comment about his one-on-one meeting with the president on immigration reform. It's stunning.

Also, another amazing story from Arizona where the federal lands are now being closed to Americans because the dangers of, "human and drug trafficking" along the Mexican border, 80 miles into our border. And we've closed it. We might as well give that land to Mexico. Oh, I think we may have just done that.

I showed you last break how strikingly similar the ideas from George Soros and the Center for American Progress are to the agenda items of Barack Obama. Yes, Center for American Progress. Reagan had the Heritage Foundation but I don't remember the spooky dudes. People getting rich.

Yes, progressive power players stand to make a fortune off of the decisions that this administration is pushing. I like to call it Crime, Inc. because that's what it is. You are getting screwed in the end. For example, Soros is going to make billions if America cuts back on the offshore drilling operation.

America cutting back will leave a gaping void that will likely be filled by an already-large producer called Petrobras. Petrobras — one of the top two investments of George Soros. It's the Brazilian — Brazilian oil company.

Now, as luck would have it, what has the Obama administration done?
They have announced a six-month moratorium on all offshore drilling, not just Deepwater, but all offshore drilling, because they hate drilling.

The administration has resorted to Crime, Inc. in order to get this moratorium. Man, they must really believe in what they preach, right? That the earth gets an ouchie every time we just take a little needle and break it for some little oil.

Oh, it's not nice — 500 feet, stop it. Because Al Gore and the earth are having hot flashes. That is the temperature. All right. No drilling, get off of oil. That's what the president campaigned on. But there must have been a small asterisk next to Obama's campaign promise because the administration is full steam ahead with offshore drilling with Petrobras in Brazil.

We have given a check or a promise for a check. I mean, Brazil — we're not good for the money. You know that, right? $2 billion has been given in a preliminary commitment to the Brazilian oil company for Petrobras for offshore drilling just last August.

I have a question for you. We are going after the oil companies here because they say they windfall profits. This is a profitable company in Brazil. We're giving them $2 billion in a loan? Why? When asked about it, Robert Gibbs said this:


REPORTER: There are a couple of reports about an ex-import bank loaned to the Brazilian government for offshore drilling, Petrobras. And I'm wondering if you can give us an administration take on why investment in Brazil and petroleum exploration there is a good idea, helpful for the U.S. economy, helpful for...

ROBERT GIBBS, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: I've not seen the story. I'd have to take a look at the story.


BECK: Maybe he wasn't prepared to comment on it because it seems to fly in the face of everything that Obama believes in. Maybe a member of the press will ask about this again now that you are starting to see the whole picture.

Anyway, back to the moratorium. The White House even said the action was justified because a panel of 15 experts who — and I love this — peer-reviewed the department's recommendations agreed with their offshore drilling moratorium on existing drilling and new permits to drill.

Only one teeny, itsy bitsy — I hate to even mention it — it's so small of a problem. The experts that peer-reviewed it — they're a little upset because they say that wasn't in the documents that they peer-reviewed. Yes, they didn't sign off on the moratorium at all.

They say that administration added two whole paragraphs on the ban after they signed the report. The experts are actually completely against the drill ban and warn that it would harm the economy and make the situation in the Gulf more dangerous.

In a letter to the Interior Department, eight of the experts — but don't let this bother you — these are the same kind of games they were playing with global warming. Eight of their experts write this, "A blanket moratorium is not the answer. It will not measurably reduce the risk further and it will have lasting impact on the nation's economy which may be greater than the oil spill."

And look at this. For the purposes of the moratorium, the federal government classifies any drilling — any drilling on 500 feet as deep. I want to show you — this is the — we've got to stop it. This is how deep we went with Deepwater Horizon, OK?

You will see that that is about here. Earth has a temperature, OK? You've got to wait for this. You get up, go to the potty for a second, come back because you have to see how deep deepwater drilling is for Petrobras. Brazil — they're crazy. Thong bikini and drilling deep. I'll show you that, next.


BECK: I want you to do your own homework on this and I want you to spread it to your friends. We're talking about the six-month moratorium Obama has put on offshore drilling. For purposes of the moratorium, the federal government classifies any drilling in depths beyond 500 feet as spooky, deep — we can't do it.

Now, here is the BP Deepwater horizon rig. Now, obviously, not to scale. We can't do it to scale because — well, we ran out of ceiling and floor. Five hundred feet — this one is 5,000 feet.

Now, Obama says, "That's too dangerous. That is going to give the earth a boo-boo. We don't know what we're doing. We've got to stop that right now." Except, if you remember, earlier in the program, Lovey, Crime, Inc., George Soros — Petrobras, second biggest — one of the two top investments of George Soros.

He buys into Petrobras — that is the oil company of Brazil. Obama has loaned $2 billion to this company. And what they doing? They are doing a drill up to 14,022 feet. 5,000 feet — Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf. This one's 14,000. They haven't started yet, but that's what we're loaning them money for.

Now, I'm not a mathematician, but this doesn't make any sense. We're willing ship $2 billion that we don't have over to Brazil to perform the exact same task that Obama wants to ban here, except he wants to ban it at a safer depth.

The moratorium is going to cost reportedly rig workers as much as $330 million a month in direct wages. Help me out with this, please. Can somebody in the media ask this question — why are we willing to lose almost $6 billion in lost wages here in America?

Now, I'm not a fan of BP and in fact, I've got to tell you something. Something is wrong here. Something is wrong. But the way we are reacting to this whole mess — why should they be paying for the six-months for oil workers who are out of work when it is Obama banning the drilling for six months?

And that's not a ban; that's a death sentence. We have 35 rigs that are going to be sitting idle now. And they won't sit idle forever. They don't come off the block. Those jobs are going to vanish. Someone else will get them.

People are already bidding on the rigs that we won't be using and we will be devastated. There's only one person that wins. One person. One company — Petrobras. One person, George Soros. More next.


BECK: We're talking today about the BP oil spill and the story that nobody seems to be willing to piece together and bring to you.

You know, we have been taught constantly lately to just memorize dates, that nothing in life in connected. Just memorize — that is what history is about. It's dates and places. We have to stop that line of thinking. Stories are connected. Stories are connected.

Tonight, we have shown you Crime, Inc. again, except now it's on BP. We have shown how George Soros and the Center for American Progress have a huge influence on the policy of this administration, that George Soros owns tons of stock in a Brazilian oil company.

It should raise eyebrows when the guy who said he'd stop the oceans from rising wants to send $2 billion to that very same Brazilian oil company for offshore drilling. This is a multi-billion dollar company in Brazil. They make $15 billion a year in profit.

Why would we lend them? What is that? Thirteen percent? Thirteen percent of the profit — why would we loan them? We're trying to take money away from oil companies here. Why would we loan them money?

This is a president who actually told Americans to inflate their tires to the proper tire pressure in order to help the earth rid itself of a fever. This is a president who told America we could no longer drive SUVs and asked China to cut back.

He's just told to us we've got to get out of the oil business. This is the same president who is now putting American jobs at peril during the worst economic crisis since the Depression by banning offshore drilling for six months.

We are supposed to look the other way when he marches forward and says, "This is bad, to drill at this depth. This is BP. We've got to stop this for sure," and then sends money over to George Soros, his investment over in Brazil, when it's a lot deeper.

Other than shareholders getting rich and America losing, this program is going to expose for the next few days and the next few weeks again more on Crime, Inc. What is this administration really all about?


BECK: Two things you need to know. The phone didn't ring this hour. And the second thing you need to know is that there is one media group that is going to be doing an awful lot of reporting on this. And you will see it's starting probably already now.

Media Matters — that's right. Owned by George Soros or started by him. That's great. It's almost like a plot out of "The Overton Window." This is available. This is my new thriller. It is fiction.

But boy, wait until you see similarities. "The Overton Window" available in bookstores everywhere.

From New York, good night, America.

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