Soccer Fan Injured by a Vuvuzela

A German soccer fan is being treated for an ear injury supposedly inflicted by a vuvuzela, Germany's Bild reported Thursday.

Sven Wipperfurth suffered pain and hearing loss after an anonymous trumpeter unleashed a blast from the controversial instrument right next to his ear Sunday.

He's been off work sick since and is on medication for tinnitus — a constant ringing in the ears — after doctors diagnosed what could be the world’s first case of a vuvuzela-inflicted injury, the German tabloid said.

The droning horns, which have become almost omnipresent during matches at this year's World Cup in South Africa, have gone on sale across the globe.

But players and managers have branded them a distraction and called on authorities to impose a ban, a sentiment that Wipperfurth shares.

He was cheering on his national team with a crowd of fans in Neuss in western Germany when the instrument was blown right into his ear to herald a goal by German striker Lukas Podolski.

"It was so loud that I winced," Wipperfurth told Bild. "These devil’s trumpets must be banned!"

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