'From the Fox Files': See the Most Memorable Characters

Culled from the award-winning "Fox Files" crime video vault, you’ll see an exclusive prison interview with Christa Pike, who at the age of 19, was convicted of murdering a love rival. At 20, she became the youngest woman on death row. Find out where she is now. Also, in an unbelievable crime spree spread over two decades, see how one man conned and raped women in seven states by using a phonebook and his voice.

From the lighter side of our video vault, see then teenage tennis greats Serena and Venus Williams on their rise to the top. And watch skateboard legend Tony Hawk at the 1999 X-Games in San Francisco. Now a one-man sports empire, you’ll hear from him as to how he then envisioned taking skateboarding to new levels. And do you remember Sable? She was one of the first female divas of the WWF, or World Wrestling Federation. Find out what she’s doing now.

All this and more as we drill down and go deep inside the most memorable characters and stories "From the Fox Files."