'Glenn Beck': What Would the Founding Fathers Think?

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GLENN BECK, HOST: America's history. In school, we learn about turning points in our nation, like Gettysburg and Pearl Harbor and 9/11. I think today will be remembered as one, the times we're living in now.

These have always been things that have united us. But now, we're not a nation united anymore because history has been changed. We have been taught falsehoods. If we want to unite, we have to learn about our country.

I told you about a book that I said every American should own. It's “A Patriot's History to the United States.” Well, now, Larry Schweikart has come up with a new one, "Seven Events that Made America America." It is out now and available everywhere.

Larry is a history professor at the University of Dayton and the author of the new book, "Seven Events that Made America America." I love that subtitle, "And Prove That the Founding Fathers were Right All Along."

Larry, that is the thing that I think - I realized, I guess, about a year ago, like, "Hey, wait a minute. That's what they were talking about." It's we've erased so much that now that you restore it, things kind of make sense, don't they?

LARRY SCHWEIKART, AUTHOR, "SEVEN EVENTS THAT MADE AMERICA AMERICA": Well, each one of these chapters I tried to find what would the founders have thought about this event? Where would they have gone with it? Would they have approved? Would they have said, "Yes, that's the way we expected Americans to respond"? Or would they have said, "Did they ever get this one wrong?"

BECK: They would have really - they wouldn't have recognized America anymore. They would have said, "When did you stop living the Constitution?" Do you think?

SCHWEIKART: Exactly. I mean, when we talk about the war on meat. It's inconceivable that Washington would ever allow anyone to tell him what to eat. He would start polishing up that old musket out there.

BECK: And this is the great thing about this. I mean, because you could say, well, "the war on meat." But unless you know where the war on meat actually started, you don't know exactly how to feel about it. You don't know where it sits, the story on the war on meat.

SCHWEIKART: Well, it starts with Eisenhower having a heart attack on the golf course. And you know, they rush him - they take him home. He's got indigestion. They take him home, pretty says it's clear he's having a heart attack and they take him to the hospital.

Very soon after that, people start paying attention to fats and cholesterol. And then you get the kind of scientist who is very aggressive and decides, "I'm going to make this my cause." The name is Ancel Keys. And before you know it, they've got all these studies going on.

And he's already starting to say, "This is what the study show." They prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that fat and meat equal cholesterol. High cholesterol equals heart attacks. We've got to cut fat and cholesterol. Only problem is, it was incomplete science. They didn't have the result of all the science in yet.

BECK: Right.

SCHWEIKART: Does this sound familiar?

BECK: Right.

SCHWEIKART: I mean, like global warming.

BECK: Yes.

SCHWEIKART: And by the time the results of all the science does come in, they showed a completely different picture. In fact, they showed there is probably no correlation between fat and heart attacks.

BECK: There is a story in the book that I think is probably one of the most important stories to understand in history. And that is the turning point of using government to buy votes.

It's where our government really started getting big. Tell me about the — because in contemporary history, the turning point that rock 'n roll played in Russia - Soviet Union.

SCHWEIKART: Well, this is an amazing story, because when you think about it, the art form of day, rock 'n roll music, dominates the world. You don't go anywhere in the world without hearing American rock usually of the '70s and '80s variety, right?

It was created without a dime of federal money. There's no National Endowment of Arts money going to rock 'n roll. It's created totally outside the system. It starts bleeding over into Europe. I kid you not. The Soviet Union creates a Ministry of Rock to counteract it.

They try to co-opt the Soviet rock 'n rollskies, right? They're going to bring them in and they give them food subsidies and apartment vouchers as long as they play what the government wants them to play. And of course, it doesn't work.

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