'Glenn Beck': Party's Over for Democrats?

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JEFF JONES: We got to build a strong base and some day, we got to knock the (EXPLETIVE) who control this thing right on their (EXPLETIVE).

BILL MAHER, TV HOST: This Max Baucus guy — he needs to wake up tomorrow with an intern's head in his bed.

VAN JONES, FORMER GREEN JOBS CZAR: Don't stop there. We're going to change the whole thing. We're going to change the whole thing. We're not going to put a new battery in a broken system, we want a new system.

ANDY STERN, FORMER PRESIDENT OF SEIU: The market is not going to work. I mean, that's what all the free marketers don't want to say. All the things that are going on are telling you the market is not going to work on its own.

JOEL ROGERS: We don't care if you have to hang up bankers by their ankles and shake the money out of them.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How are the Republicans able to push things through when they had less than 60 senators but somehow we can't?

JONES: Well, the answer to that is they're (EXPLETIVE).


GLENN BECK, HOST: OK. America, here is why I think this has really been a problem for most Americans — I think this has been a problem, because, do you see Bill Clinton as a communist? I don't. As a revolutionary? Do you see Joe Biden? Please, anybody who gets hair plugs isn't a revolutionary. They're not. And so, it hasn't connected with people.

But when you hear this language, you can say yes. But you're having a hard time putting them together. I forgot about the Black Flag Movement.

See, this doesn't work. The Clintons, Bidens, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi — they're not Nazis and they're not communists. It doesn't work, OK?

And this is where it has been confusing. I put it next to Van Jones? Yes. Bill Ayers? Yes. Dohrn, his wife? Yes. Jeff Jones? Sure.

Jodie Evans from Code Pink? You bet. Andy Stern? You bet. They're all on record saying it.

What's happened here is the politicians have been using these people as fuel. These people. Bill Ayers didn't do enough. Dohrn has said she wanted a violent revolution to collapse the American system. These people believe in that.

These people are politicians and they knew — they're progressive politicians. They're not — they're not total government. They're not communists. They do not want to be communists. They don't.

But they would like it here. And they would like all the control they have, so dollars — so money could go into their — money could go in their pockets. That's right.

You get cap and trade. They're all going to be rich. OK?

These guys don't want to be rich. Well, I think Andy Stern does. Most of these just believe in revolution. OK?

So, this is what you have to understand. These people saw these people as fuel. If we can just unite, then it becomes a united front. This is your strong arm. This will do all the bad things for you. OK?

I don't know where Barack Obama fits. Is he over here? Or is he over here?

Cass Sunstein — I don't know where he fits.

Nancy Pelosi, I'm not sure. I don't think she fits over there but I'm not sure she fits over here. I don't know. It's for you to decide.

Because here's what's happening: they're going to — one side is going to eat the other. The Democratic Party is at each other's throats. They have to appease these people because they promised them.

Do you think Bill Clinton actually has gotten together with Van Jones and said, you know, he was part of this reclaiming revolution thing, this STORM, and, you know, I hadn't thought about revolution in America, I think that would be pretty good? Are you kidding me?

My guess is: Clinton met with Van Jones and said, OK, he's got some crazy ideas. But you know what? You know what — if we triangulate.

These guys are using these guys. These guys are using them. They're not friends.

The minute these people feel betrayed by these people and I think that's where we were or are — they feel betrayed. Why do you think Code Pink was throwing things and screaming at Nancy Pelosi? They feel betrayed.

When that happens, only one group is going to be left standing. But only one group has not a problem with blood in the streets, the power of force, or — what did Andy Stern, "the power of persuasion, we know where you live," end quote.

But mark my words: only one of the groups will be standing.

We're right in the middle, gang. We're right here.

Whoever is left standing, whoever grabs — you know, Robert Gibbs should remember what he said about BP, because I think it's what these guys think. Robert Gibbs — and let me give you this description.

Robert Gibbs says he has BP and "we've got our boot on their throat." You don't think that is the way Van Jones or Code Pink feel about these guys? "We've got our boot on their throat."

Whoever is left standing, whoever is the victor, whoever really truly controls the agenda is the one you're going to be fighting against. I hope it's these guys, because these guys don't want rivers of blood. Some of these guys do. More in just a second.


BECK: America, I thank you for watching every night. And I ask that you would not — please don't believe me because I say it and I'm on TV. Anyone can be on TV. They gave me a show. Anyone can be on TV.

You need to do this research yourself. You need to find out what you believe. You find the truth. It's out there. It is. Tonight, I've been trying to show you the division within the left. If you are a Democrat, I want you to understand that when I talk about revolutionaries and communists, I don't mean the average Democrat.

I don't even mean the average Democratic politician. Progressives are not necessarily communists but there are communist revolutionaries. Revolutionary is what you need to focus on tonight.

I want to warn you now, Democrats, your party is over. And I don't mean — all tea parties and Republicans are going to beat you in November. I mean the Democrats, as we used to know them, the Democrats that were in my family growing up, are over.

I'm going to show you the civil war, the video evidence in the civil war in the Democratic Party that's happening right now. And no one in the media is exposing it. And it is dangerous, what is happening.

The radicals have infected the party. They have been brought in by politicians who don't really care about anything. They just want to win. They've been tolerating the revolutionaries — the Democrats have.

But more importantly, the revolutionaries have been tolerating those politicians. For the moment, the radical fringe of the party is now. Just today, Van Jones was speaking at America's Future Now conference.

He is speaking to a group of progressives. I find this extraordinarily disturbing, because I believe this man is sending a message. Listen.


VAN JONES, FORMER WHITE HOUSE ADVISER FOR GREEN JOBS: I think that when we look back to the history of the Obama administration and look back at the history of our progressive movement, that this week will mark a historic inflection point when progressives decided to be progressive again in this country. I think something shifted this week.


BECK: Yes, it has. It has. This is an ominous statement coming from a revolutionary. Please go to GlennBeck.com and look up "STORM: Reclaiming Revolution." This is his organization. He is in this. From a revolutionary.

I'm sorry but when did the Obama administration not be progressive? Excuse me? They were normal? We have seen progressives. We haven't seen the actual spooky progressives yet. I think you are about to. Something has changed this week. He's right.

But what the politicians don't understand, the ones who have co-opted these revolutionaries and brought them in the process, is they are dangerous. Why? Why? Well, because a lot of them have called for violent revolution in the past and they never distanced themselves from it.

You cannot co-opt and lie to people who believe in something. Why is Ahmadinejad dangerous? Well, because he says he wants to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth, OK? The press and the politicians — "Oh, he's just saying that."

Why do they say that? Because nobody in the press and nobody in Washington actually believes a damn thing, except their own image. That's it. This man is a twelver. Look it up. Do you know what it is? It's a revolutionary so dangerous that the Ayatollah Khomeini banned twelvers.

OK. Here's the Ayatollah Khomeini, who is a revolutionary — he says stay away from these guys. They're spooky. He didn't co-opt them because he understood they believed in the 12th Imam coming back, and the way to bring the 12th Imam back is wash the world in blood.

There are politicians like the Ayatollah Khomeini who will do revolution for power. And then there are people like this who are mad men. I never thought I'd say we better learn something from the Ayatollah Khomeini, but here it is.

The media and the politician have all of this wrong. In every single walk of life — you want to know why TV doesn't reflect you? You want to know why Washington doesn't reflect you? Because they don't understand, from the radical revolutionaries to the Islamic extremists — and yes, DOJ, they do exist — to the Tea Party movements.

Just because you in Washington and you who are so out of touch with life in the media, just because you don't believe in anything doesn't mean nobody else does. We do. You know why you're confused by this show? It's because I believe in something. You don't.

Tea parties believe in small government. We believe in returning to the principles of our Founding Fathers. We respect them. We revere them. Shoot me in the head before I stop talking about the Founders. Shoot me in the head if you try to change our government.

I will stand against you and so will millions of others. We believe in something. You in the media and most in Washington don't. The radicals that you and Washington have co-opted and brought in wearing sheep's clothing — change the pose. You will get the ends.

You've been using them? They believe in communism. They believe and have called for a revolution. You're going to have to shoot them in the head. But warning, they may shoot you.

They are dangerous because they believe. Karl Marx is their George Washington. You will never change their mind. And if they feel you have lied to them — they're revolutionaries. Nancy Pelosi, those are the people you should be worried about.

Here is my advice when you're dealing with people who believe in something that strongly — you take them seriously. You listen to their words and you believe that they will follow up with what they say.

Didn't we learn that lesson from Usama bin Laden? I heard his warning in 1998. I said on the air at the time, listen to him. We didn't listen. We didn't listen to the revolutionaries in Germany, the revolutionaries in Russia or Venezuela or Cuba — no, no, no. They all have one thing in common. They have all called for revolution.

They want to overthrow our entire system of government, and their words say it. Why won't you believe it?

As you will learn on "Founding Fridays(sic)," this Friday, we're talking about James Madison. Here is what you will learn. The revolution of 1776 was a picnic compared to what the revolutionaries of today would like to do. It's not a lot of fun. Usually, millions of people die.

But I'm glad to see our politicians will co-opt those people so they can have power. Fundamental transformation. It's what America is going through right now. And the progressives, the Marxist revolutionary progressives are still not happy. I'm going to show you the beginning of that civil war inside the Democratic Party, next.


BECK: Democrats and revolutionaries — two different things. How could we be going through the biggest fundamental transformation of America right now? And the progressives — I claim they are the revolutionary part of the progressives — are not happy.

Earlier, I showed you what happened to Nancy Pelosi. Now, this is at the progressive America's Future Now conference. Again, Nancy, why are you not in tears at this point?


SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF.: OK, you have made your point.


BECK: They're shouting at her and she is more afraid of small government rhetoric from old people in lawn chairs than Code Pink throwing and shouting her down and throwing stuff at her.

See, they come up and they eventually say, "We have to shut this down here. They're throwing stuff at you." This is a group of people who work with the Weather Underground leader, Bernardine Dohrn. This is a woman who once called for the destruction of America.

And she said, quote, "Tens of thousands have learned that protests and marches don't do it. Revolutionary violence is the only way."

Wow. Now, how do politicians want to solve this? Because they know their progressive left is really upset at them. Here is Barney Frank speaking at a young Democratic group last night addressing their complaints that enough has not been done by Obama. Listen to what he says.


REP. BARNEY FRANK, D-MASS.: You can reach out to your fellow young people and make it clear to them that where they may not be satisfied with everything we've done — we're not satisfied with everything we've done. The way to cure that is to give us more authority and more ability.


BECK: OK. This was I guess last week — "Give us more authority." Your authority comes from the Constitution. "Give us more authority." They want more power. They are saying, "More power. Give us more."

I don't know what side Barney Frank is on. I'd put him over here with the sleazy politicians, but I don't know. He is asking for more power. You don't say that when people who you are talking to are calling for a revolution, when you have given them 70 percent of the economy in 18 months.

They will hold you to that. Sen. Blanche Lincoln — she had an election in Arkansas. There was a fight with the unions. So Bill Clinton — this is amazing. Bill Clinton, a politician, comes out and supports Lincoln. Watch this ad.


FORMER PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON: Here is an article from The Washington Post. It says some national unions made a decision a few months ago that they wanted to make Sen. Blanche Lincoln the, quote, "poster child" for what happens when a Democrat crosses them. This is about using you and manipulating your vote.


BECK: Yes, Yes! A senior White House official taunted the unions in "Politico" saying the organized labor union just flushed money down the toilet. There is a war happening. And you are standing in the — it's a war of gladiators.

But I've got news, gang. You are not in the spectator stands. Be aware. Back in a minute.


BECK: This is a book I told you about a year ago, "The Coming Insurrection." I told you about this book. It's written by the Invisible Committee, a group of radical communists and anarchists.

As you read it — please read it. You will find it at GlennBeck.com. Think about what's going on in the world. The socialism of Europe is not enough for radicals. They don't trust the government, but they don't trust other militants or any politician.

Think about this when you read this. Here is what it says, quote, "From elections to transitions, militants will never be anything other than which distance us." Do we have it on the prompter or not? In the deal? "Distances us each time a little further from the possibility of communism. Luckily, we will accommodate neither treason nor deception for much longer."

They say sabotage every representative, every authority, spread the talk, abolish the general assemblies. These are revolutionaries in Europe. This same kind of revolutionaries with the same kind of think have their hooks in us now.

Radicals in Europe and the radicals in the U.S. are using the current system and will cast those systems aside when they feel betrayed. But have some hope because we have their handbook and much more tomorrow. Read it and prepare. Back in a minute.

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