Fateful Warning Before Peru Woman's Death: 'That Guy Is a Murderer ... He Killed a Girl in Aruba'

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN FOX NEWS HOST: New information about the arrest of Joran van der Sloot for the murder of a 21-year-old woman in Peru. A newly released surveillance tape could be damning for van der Sloot.

Van der Sloot is caught on tape walking into his hotel with the 21-year-old then going into his room with the woman. About four hours later van der Sloot is seen leaving the hotel alone. The woman is found murdered in the room three days later.

Roberto Blades says he played poker with Joran about 24 hours before the murder. Roberto joins us live. Roberto, 24 hours before the murder when you were with Joran van der Sloot, tell me what he was like, what you did, what he said, what you said?

ROBERTO BLADES, PLAYED POKER WITH JORAN IN PERU: I was playing into my first half hour of playing or so. I see him walking in, and as soon as I saw him, I knew who he was. Of course, you have your doubt at first because you're thinking it can't be with this guy walking around here in Peru. So then he sat right next to me and I started hearing him speak with his accent. I said this is the guy.

And we were playing. He was playing a couple of hands. And I would beat him, and he would say I respect you. And the entire time I was thinking, yeah, right, you respect me. I know who the guy is.

And so a friend of his approaches (inaudible). And he keeps insisting that they need to do it because the women are going to leave. And he kept playing and playing and losing. And at one point he says "I should have gotten up and left" because he's losing.

And when he was talking about the women, I got incredibly pissed off, because how could this guy be talking in this manner when he should know that somebody knows who he is? So I got up, found the guy who runs the room, the head of the poker room.

Everybody keeps saying I talked to security. No. I spoke to the guy who runs the poker room, the guy is in charge of security and can tell them to do whatever they need to do.

I said come here, do you know who that guy is? He said no. I said you have no idea? He said no. I said that guy is a murderer. In Spanish, I told him that guy killed a girl in Aruba.

I gave him the rundown of what the guy did, and even went further into telling him his father supposedly got implicated in it sort of helped him cover it up. And it is Aruba, a small island that's why the guy got away with it. and that's why he's here, so he would understand why the guy is you walking around and I knew he's a murderer.

I thought that took care of that. I back to the table sat down. And then he starts telling me he wants to go out with me because he sees that I know people, whatever, people are friendly towards me I'm a musician and people around here know me.

I'm going, yes, yes where are you going? I knew the way this guy was talking with his friend after that he had a connection and something that happened with Natalee could happen with the association of other people. It was parallel, two of the same. I wanted to get more information out of him. I kept saying maybe I go out with you next time.

He left. And after an hour and a half he came back and sat again next to me. He said, you know, you got to go out with me, I got to go out with you. I never have luck with picking up girls, which I found to be, how lucky whatever girl, how lucky she was.

VAN SUSTEREN: We only have 30 seconds left. Was Stephany there, the woman who later you murdered?

BLADES: Say that again?

VAN SUSTEREN: Did you see Stephany, the woman who was murdered?

BLADES: Correct. I've seen her before. I'm not a friend of hers.

And the most shocking thing to me, which is the reason why I got up and went to the head -- which by the way I found out he's a cousin of the owner -- it was precisely for them to know who they are dealing with and know in case this guy sits next to a girl or one of the waitresses to give them a heads up this guy usually will not have a good intention.

And when I got back from my trip, I found out -- I had no clue this guy had done this, I got back a couple days later. The guy I told looks at me and tells me man you are right in guy is a murder. I thought he had Googled it.

He tells me yes he killed a girl. I said yes he killed Natalee. No, he killed a local girl, a girl that comes here all the time. I said this is why I told to you pay attention to this guy.

VAN SUSTEREN: Roberto, thank you.

"On the Record" is on the ground in Peru. Right now former LAPD homicide detective Mark Fuhrman takes you inside the hotel where Stephany Flores was murdered.


MARK FUHRMAN, FORMER LAPD HOMICIDE DETECTIVE: Greta, we are in the hotel right now. This is room 206, not 309 where the crime occurred and Stephany Flores' body was found. But you can see the spatial dimensions of this room, extremely small. This is ten foot by nine, barely enough for a double bed, an end table, and small table with a TV and stereo.

The significance of this room goes back to the bed, the walls, there are so many hard objects. This is tile on the walls. Any time somebody's body would come in contact, this will not give. It is not like sheetrock or drywall.

Look at this bed here. This bed is not a cheap frame. This is hardwood. I lifted it up, and this bed is heavy. This will not give. If somebody head or neck came in contact with this post, it would certainly cause an injury that would -- I can't speculate how bad it would be a very bad injury.

And remember, it was reported that the bed was askew, the mattress was askew on the frame where Stephany Flores' body was found. If you can see here, here was a schematic drawn by the police there's been a report by the local media, they have a drawing. Her body would have been crumbled up in this area if this is at all the same dimensions as 309, would have been crumpled up in a small area.

So the room is very small. And if a fight took place in here, those people are going to come in contact with walls, beds, some type of hard object in this room.

This is room 309, and as you see right here, this is the video camera, right here. Greta, this is the video camera right here that filmed Joran van der Sloot and Stephany Flores walking into room 309.


VAN SUSTEREN: Mark Fuhrman joins us live from Peru. Mark, at some point there was some discussion that Joran van der Sloot went to the hotel room with the woman 5:00 in the morning left and came back with two cups of coffee or not. Can you explain or correct the facts?

FUHRMAN: It is correct, Greta. We are not sure where he went. It was reported he went to the grocery store across the street. They don't start serving coffee until 8:30. He might have, I don't know.

But this is significant, and it is being overlooked at the same. By going across the street and getting two cups of coffee, having full knowledge they have video cameras in that hotel, I saw the screen behind the desk. They have 16 frames of digital photos of all the floors up all the time. So, Joran van der Sloot knew, it is visible, obvious.

And it is overlooked in two ways at 8:10 that morning when leaves and get two cups of coffee, it is most probably to actually state that there is still a live girl in that room. If she touched that cup with her lips and fingers, her fingerprints and DNA would be on that cup left in the room.

If not, it is really an admission by Joran van der Sloot that is he trying much the same as Drew Peterson and Scott Peterson did by calling their dead wives, trying to establish to their knowledge that this person is alive. And it is very telling, especially if the forensics support that.

VAN SUSTEREN: Is there a murder weapon? Have the authorities come up with a theory? We only have 30 seconds left.

FUHRMAN: There's a tennis racket found in the room. Forensics would try hard to get a commitment. If there was tissue, hair, blood or saliva transfer from Stephany Flores to that tennis racket, that frame of the bed and many objects in the room with enough power could have probably caused the injury that was ultimately the cause of her death.

VAN SUSTEREN: Mark, thank you.

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