'Glenn Beck': Socialists Against Israel

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GLENN BECK, HOST: The last few days, I've been talking to you about Israel. And I ask you to stick with me for the rest of the hour because there's a rich history here of socialism and anti-Semitism that has to be talked about. You have to learn about the past to protect the future. Isn't that why we have Holocaust museums, so we can remember?

The protests of Israel's flotilla "massacre" have been going on now in America, Canada, Europe. The socialists are coming out in full force to condemn Israel. It's the usual suspects — all the people that we've been tracking you and showing you in the last year or so, all of them are involved — socialist Web sites, newspapers, urging the followers to attend the rallies. And, boy, I've gotten the mail. Oh, they're peaceful people. They are.

This is — this is what it looked like in San Francisco the other day. That's good. Oh, "inhuman deadly fascist murders." Who is using the word "fascist"?

Look at this one. I love this one. This one says, "this foul system has no right to exist. Fight the power for transformation, for revolution."

I love this one, too. Uh-oh, justice — justice? No peace, no justice?

Let's see, "U.S. Jews, stop the killing." Oh, OK.

Uh-oh! Did somebody use the swastika up here? Who's being naughty? Wish somebody would show that swastika.

Here's the deadly fascist sign that we saw. "Obama investigate the Israeli war crimes." Uh-oh, somebody is using war crimes.

"Israel is a terrorist state." Are you calling them a terrorist?

Oh, jeez, and here's another swastika. They're not dangerous. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

In New York City, hundreds of protesters assembled in Times Square before marching to the Israeli consulate. In Los Angeles, they protested outside the consulate there. There's another demonstration planned tomorrow. On Tuesday, it was in Chicago: Some protesters burned an Israeli flag. Guess — guess who issued a statement in Chicago? You're going to love this fact: Noam Chomsky. Yes.

I only know about it because we read things like the World Socialist Web site, not because there's too much information, but because we can. He said and I quote, "It's worth bearing in mind that the crime is nothing new. For decades, Israel has been hijacking boats in international waters between Cyprus and Lebanon, killing or kidnapping passengers, sometimes bringing them to prisons in Israel, secret prison, torture chambers. Sometimes, holding them as hostages for many, many years."

Noam, did you say that? By the way, Noam, I think I use to have them in the bushes in front of my mom's house.

Meanwhile, a Yemeni student told the World Socialist Web site, quote, "We want the American people to understand what happened. Fox News and CNN twist the story to make us the bad ones."

In Yemen? No, never.

"This struggle is not just for Palestinians, it's for the whole world."

Yes, it is. Trust them when they say that.

"We had hope in Obama but it's just the same. It shows that Israel has enormous power in the U.S."

Hang on just a second. I'm getting the word now from my Zionist master: Yes, OK. Israel is good.

What are — what is wrong with people? They talk about controlling nuclear weapons in Iran. But Israel has them, secret facilities and everything.

Anti-Semitism and socialism — boy, they got a long, long history. There's a reason that young socialists of today are being taught that Israel is the enemy. In the 1970s, the left wing German terrorist, Ulrike Meinhof — he sounds friendly — he said — oh, it's a she? I bet she's pretty, too.

She said: "Auschwitz meant 6 million Jews were murdered — murdered. And carted on to rubbish dumps of Europe for being what was maintained of them, money-Jews, finance, capital, and the banks. The hardcore system of imperialism and capitalism had diverted the people's hatred of money and exploitation away from themselves and on to the Jews. The hatred of the Jews is actually the hatred of capitalism."

That's fantastic.

Look, this idea predates Hitler. I'll show the roots of socialism and anti-Semitism, because you need to see it. And it's all the same. It's — go to the Holocaust Museum.


If you can't make it to the Holocaust Museum, I'll remind you — next.


BECK: All week we've seen radical, left-wing socialists attacking Israel, but still, socialists want to condemn Israel.

But there's a history that we need to remember. I just want to ask you this: How many have to die to remember who keeps killing the Jews?

In 1844, Karl Marx, self-hating Jew, said, quote: "What is the secularism of Judaism? Practical need, self interest. What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is the worldly god? Money. Very well then, emancipation from huckstering and money, consequently from practical, real Judaism would be the self-emancipation of our time."

Now, some of Marxist followers believe that if you could convince the public to hate the Jewish capitalist, you could get them to eventually hate non-Jewish capitalists as well — Judaism and capitalism. Hate the Jew first. They go hand in hand.

Socialism breeds intolerance while capitalism encourages diversity and competition. The term "anti-Semitism" was coined in 1879 by Wilhelm Marr. He was a German. He published a book "The Victory of Judaism Over Germandom." He founded anti-Semitic journal and an anti-Semitic league.

Marr was a radical socialist. The Nazi Party subordinated all sectors of the economy through controls, regulations, strict taxation and contracts. I mean, take a look at the 25-point platform. I think I only have one of the — this is part of them.

Here's number four: "Only those who are our fellow countrymen become citizens. Only those who have German blood regardless of creed can be the countrymen. Hence, no Jew can be our countrymen."

National Socialist Workers Party, the Nazis. "We demand the nationalization of all trust. We demand profit-sharing in large industries. We demand a generous increase in old-age pensions. We demand a law to expropriate the owners without compensation of any land needed for the common purpose."


After World War II, anti-Semitism spiked up again against with Joseph Stalin. The textbooks were rewritten, removing the Jewish role in history. Government text dealing with Germany and World War II made no mention of the Holocaust at all.

Now, let's look at the U.S. By the 1920s, three of the four cities with the most Jews were located in the United States. Socialism and anti-Semitism have complemented each other throughout history. The United States has been a place where capitalism and religious freedom has always thrived.

So, now, let me ask you: 130 years after the term "anti-Semitism" was coined by a socialist, is this what we represent now? We're going to hate the Jews and hate capitalism?

How many have to die to remember who keeps killing them?

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