For Your Health

Looking to shed a few pounds? Try vacuuming! Research done by Indiana University shows that people with a clean house are more likely to be fit and physically active:

The study may point to new ways to promote physical activity among city dwellers.

"If you spend your day dusting, cleaning, doing laundry, you're active," said NiCole Keith, associate professor in the physical education department at Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis. Certain people may not "take 30 minutes to go for a walk, but they'll take 30 minutes to clean."

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Bad news for kids who love burgers: A German study suggests eating three or more hamburgers a week may raise a child's odds for asthma. A diet high in fruit, veggies and fish seem to lessen the likelihood of wheeze:

"Our results support previous reports that the adherence to a Mediterranean diet, which is characterized by a high intake of fruit, vegetables and fish and a low intake of meat, burger and fizzy drinks, may provide partial protection against asthma in childhood," said lead researcher Dr. Gabriele Nagel, from the Institute of Epidemiology at Ulm University in Germany.

For the study, Nagel's team collected data on about 50,000 children from 20 rich and poor countries. Parents were asked about their children's typical diet and whether they had asthma or not. In addition, almost 30,000 of the children were tested for allergies.

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Saturday is the Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure in Washington, D.C. Fox News' Jennifer Griffin is a cancer survivor and she will be leading the Fox News team in the race.

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