'Glenn Beck': Media Agenda With 'Freedom Flotilla'?

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GLENN BECK, HOST: Welcome back to the program, America. Thank you for watching. And please, tell a friend. We're entering some really amazing territory here this summer. And we're going to try to re-teach the story of America and set history right.

Alright. I've been talking about the IDF and I don't even know if I've explained, that is the Israeli Defense Force, in case you don't know. We're seeing proof on video of IDF personnel viciously beaten, tossed overboard, and initially not even defending themselves. They had paintball guns.

But yet the media are saying things like this. Watch.


HELEN THOMAS, COLUMNIST: Our initial reaction to this flotilla massacre, deliberate massacre, an international crime, was pitiful. What do you mean you regret when something you should be strongly condemned? And if any other nation in the world had done it, we would have been up in arms.


BECK: Has she seen the video? She should watch FOX from time to time, you know? I'm supposed to watch The Huffington Post. She should watch this network.

This is where we are. We've been showing you videos of the president and his administration and advisors admitting to various feelings and ideologies in their own words, on videotape. We have shown it to you on videotape. And yet, somehow or another, the videotape doesn't matter. It makes me a conspiracy nut to show their own words.

We're showing the video. Here's this one. How about -- I'm the conspiracy nut for saying that the tea parties are not violent? But we show -- we show the tea party.

In fact, put the tea party rallies and the G-20 side-by-side. There it is. OK. Here are the tea parties. These are the G-20 people. It's over in England. You have it over in Pittsburgh, too.

How many -- how many thousands, tens of thousands of dollars in damage? OK. One was racist and violent. The other wasn't even mentioned. The guy with the blood on his head -- he's not part of the violent crowd. Something is wrong.

Now let me show you the video of the peace ship. OK. Here's the peace ship. There's the Israeli soldier going down. Alright?

Now, they knock him down to the ground. And look, they're beating him. They throw that one overboard. The other guy when he's down on the ground, watch them, they will beat him with metal pipes.

I mean, I've seen this with Rodney King. Didn't we -- someone is down on the ground and you're beating them relentlessly, and now you got a circle of people beating -- those are the peace-lovers? Rodney King was the violent one?

I'm trying to -- America, I've never seen that before. Have you?

The media has an agenda and we've seen it before in our own history. Example, the “Scopes Monkey Trial” as it has become known. What is this? This is the evolution trial.

John Scopes, he was a teacher in Tennessee. He was against the state law and he began teaching evolution. I don't have a problem with evolution being taught in schools. Let's teach all theories.

Well, the attorney was Clarence Darrow. And everybody says, this guy was brilliant in his defense! Yes, yes, he was brilliant.

The other guy, the prosecutor, William Jennings Bryan -- he was a Democrat, by the way. Did you know that he won the case? Scopes was found guilty. He was fined $100 by the judge. That's why the Tennessee Supreme Court later overturned the verdict on a technicality.

But the press told a couple of really -- I mean they were split. If you look at the headlines and I looked at them today, they are split. There is one group of people that had the perception that Clarence Darrow was fantastic in his defense. Scopes was, it was -- he is really the man.

Now, this came from New York City newspapers. Headlines like this one: "Dayton's Remote Mountaineers Fear Science." OK. The people who are writing local newspapers all around the country, they didn't write things like that. It was the Columbia elite that had the spin. And that is now history.

Today, the split is even more difficult. Now, maybe I'm just one of the mountaineers that fears the newfangled science stuff -- but I see video and I see the way the media and Washington is handling it, and I don't even understand it.

Let me show you video you probably also have not seen yet on TV. This is from yesterday. OK. Stop the Israeli blockade. Palestinians hunger for justice. I like the one that said, “when will Israel figure out their government is insane?”

OK, these guys are New York Times Square yesterday. Who are they? Socialists. They got together an anti-Israel protest overnight. They were there.

Have you seen anyone questioning whether there's any hate here? Have you even seen this? Has anyone questioned, you know, you got socialists all over the world getting together. Has anyone questioned the hatred that socialists have for Israel or the Jews?

National Socialist Workers' Party -- hey, that was the Nazis. How did socialists in Germany and the communists in Soviet Union treat the Jews? That's history. It's not American history.

But how is it no one sees any warning flags here? The socialists are suddenly just humanitarians. Yes, sure. Have you heard anybody question: are there any Americans involved in this little flotilla?

For instance, this lady -- she's the founder of Code Pink. She and her friends Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn, Weather Underground. They were the bombers, the Weather Underground. They don't think they did enough. They never apologize for the bombing.

They're now big Free Gaza supporters. They were -- they were -- they were in Israel, I mean, Egypt just last January with Free Gaza. That's weird!

So, these guys, we know these are terrorists, American terrorists, from the 1960s and '70s who wish they'd done more to terrorize. She's actually said she wants a revolution in America to bring down our capitalist society.

But we're supposed to believe that while they never condemn terrorists, that this is a peace organization and they are giving money and aid to Free Gaza movement to be able to put the other three ships in. Hmm. Danger signs. But apparently to the media -- still no story.

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