'Glenn Beck': Huffington Post's Amazing Admission

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GLENN BECK, HOST: When we last left "The Glenn Beck Program," I was telling you about what do we need to do. This is for me. Join me if you will.

First: Don't hide the mistakes of our life. Don't hide them anymore. You can't have any — you can't have any skeletons in your closet. Don't hide them. They are — they are the things that make you who you are if you've conquered them and you learn from them.

Second thing: Let others see your failure and your rise. Let other people — the reason why I tell you this, there was no reason for me to tell you this. It only hurts me. But you need to know who I am — warts and all. You need your children to see you do what I am trying to do here and that is, fess up to my mistakes. Explain it. Don't try to get out of it. Explain it. Stand up. Be a man.

And let your children see people do that without an attorney or a P.R. person or the so-trusted wife standing next that you know is going home and saying, "What are you?" Let your children see it.

Third thing: Anger feeds on itself. Lance the infection.

Four: We are the same. I don't care if you're Glenn Beck or Barack Obama, we're the same. We are. We are the same. Help each other.

You need to reach out to people that you know are feeling the same way. And by not hiding things, you'll be able to help. Stand, but check the stars so you know that if you drifted — last week, I didn't realize I had drifted — check the stars.

Six: Clean out your spiritual closet. Man, get all the stuff. Get the junk out of you.

[Seven]: Pray. You pray for me, I'll pray for you. I pray for you every night. Please pray for me. Pray.

And then eight: Refill the closet. This is what I couldn't figure out. Until I saw "Robin Hood" — stupid movie. We have to refill the closet with something.

Let me ask you: Who do you trust?

No, let me ask you this instead: What do we have in common anymore? What are the things that unite us? We used to be a melting pot. We're not anymore. You're over there and I'm over here.

And the politicians are always pushing us and making us hate each other. They're the problem! No, you're the problem! You're the problem! The politicians — they'll bicker, they'll battle, they'll fight, they'll do it on the cameras and then they'll go out and they'll have dinner with each other and laugh and drinks, at the end of the day. Meanwhile, we're sitting here arguing with each other. They are the only ones that win.

In the movie "Robin Hood," I told you about a few minutes ago, Robin Hood got up and he gave a great speech to the people of England. He said you got to ignite on a few ideas, that men have a right to be free, that a man's home is his castle, that we have a right to our own labor and the fruits of our own labor. You have a right to a fair trial and face your accuser.

Well, that's what united those people and I thought — those are good. That'll unite us.

But does it anymore? In America, we originally united on those same principles. Then we added some more. We're free to express ourselves — and so is the press. We're free to worship according to the dictates of our own conscious. We're free to take risks and use our own initiative to become more successful, or fail and then pick ourselves up and try again.

Do we believe in any of that stuff anymore? Do we? I mean, you're free to take a risk, really? Not if you're too big and you can be a danger to the economy. Not — can you get a loan from the bank?

Do we believe these things anymore? If not, I contend it's because history has been and is currently being changed. We don't even know our own history, which brings us back to the one question that nobody is
asking: Who are we? We're being pushed down a road and we haven't even asked: Wait, wait, wait, who are we?

Friday, the FTC came out with a plan to put a journalist division in AmeriCorps. What?

Joseph Palermo wrote a column in The Huffington Post last week that first embarrassingly mentioned that I'm now a doctor, thanks to Liberty University. Dental exams are free on Tuesdays.

I took issue with my — they took issue with my new favorite book, which is "Sacred Fire," it's about George Washington and what a devout Christian he really was. But this author — "Glenn Beck Historian for a Troubled American" — said: "But one of Dr. Beck's main pet peeves is his belief that the Founders intended the United States to be a Christian nation and that the idea of a wall of separation between church and state is a myth perpetrated by secular liberal elites."

Progressives actually, Joe, but you're on a roll.

He goes on to say: "It's not — it's not that Beck is wrong about the ambiguity of the personal beliefs of the subject by the Founders, but he and others like him are monumental wrong — monumentally wrong by overstating the relevance of the intent of the 18th Century views on the thought and practices of the 20th and 21st Century America."

Wow! What an amazing admission.

This is the argument we should be having.

Can we just highlight those words again? From The Huffington Post: "It's not that Beck is wrong about the ambiguity of the personal beliefs of the subject of the Founders" — it's just that I'm wrong that they don't fit the 21st Century. We've outgrown them, the Founders' cute, quaint, provincial little religion.

OK. All right. So, there is something we can sink our teeth into: Do you subscribe to the progressive, living, breathing, changing interpretation of the Constitution? That the things that were true about the founders and are no longer being taught in schools, because of the progressives, do you believe those things that the Founders believed were divinely inspired or that the Constitution must be interpreted as they intended?

Which one is it?

See, he actually told the truth — and good for him. See, people need to know. But we're not even we're not even bound up with enough facts. I mean, you don't even know, you know, what you believe — what you believe about the country.

What we must do now is put our swords down and unite. It is our history that has been distorted and changed and that's what must be put right. Or, as in the movie, the king of France will come and we'll be warring with ourselves and we'll lose what chance we had.

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