Arizona Immigration Law Needed in Ohio?

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Our next two guests just went to Arizona and now they want their state, Ohio, to pass a law like Arizona.

Joining us live is Butler County, Ohio, Sheriff Richard Jones and Ohio State Representative Courtney Combs. Mr. Combs, first to you. You went to the border, what did you learn?

STATE REPRESENTATIVE COURTNEY E. COMBS, R-OHIO: Greta, we learned that there was so much violence down there and people are afraid. We went to a ranch, a 14,000 acre ranch owned by a fellow John Ladd, fifth generation American. This property has been in their family for almost 200 years.

And now he's saying he doesn't know what he's going to do. He can't get the federal government to help him. He showed us videos from his kitchen window of illegals crossing his property, going through his land, and carrying drugs. He videotaped them, he's been videotaping them.

And as the videotapes were shown on the Internet, all of a sudden the border patrol started to do something. They started cutting that line. So the border patrol can stop this, it can be done.

But the people we've talked to in Arizona are fed up. They are losing their land. They don't foe what they are going to do. John Ladd told us, he said I have two choices, I can leave or I can fight. And neither one are good choices.

And he is a full blooded five-generation American who is having problems because he's on the border of the United States.

VAN SUSTEREN: Sheriff, you were also down there. Tell me, how does illegal immigration impact your job in Ohio, if at all?

RICHARD K. JONES, BUTLER COUNTY, OHIO SHERIFF: Pretty simple, Greta. Basically my jail is full. We have people that ripping off our workers' comp in our county in Butler County, Ohio, the eighth largest county of 88 in Ohio. Our courts are full. We have interpreters in our court. Our court system is slowed down.

We have warrants people have left and went to Mexico. We have a nine- year-old girl that was raped and an illegal that done this, left the country and we can't find him anywhere. It's the worst economy our country has seen in my lifetime.

And what we have is people that think because they come across the finish line they can -- which is the finish line which is where we were at in Cochise County they are automatically entitled to these things.

It is killing our county. I can trace drugs that have came back to Cochise County or the Tucson sector from there, the drugs, trafficking criminals coming over.

Mr. Combs and myself have been to the border twice, this is our second trip, totally out of control. These are U.S. citizens in that part of the country. And they are not staying. The sheriff has told us they pass through. They come through the fence and eight miles of fence on this gentleman's ranch, they pass through and coming to Ohio, and it is killing us here.

VAN SUSTEREN: Mr. Combs, we only have a minute left. You and the sheriff have both co-written a letter to the governor of Ohio. You want an Arizona-type law in Arizona about illegal immigration. Have you had you a response from the governor?

COMBS: We have not had a response from the governor, speaker of the house, or the president of the Senate, although, the governor was asked at a press conference about our letter, and his comment was I will veto any immigration bill that comes across my desk.

That's the reason we are looking at putting it on the ballot as referendum. So we are working on that. Hopefully we'll be able to get it on the ballot in November 2011 because we ran out of time for 2010. But we are looking to do something in Ohio because we are certain if put to the voters in Ohio, it will pass.

JONES: People in Ohio, Greta, want this bill. They want it here in Ohio the same bill that Arizona has. We support the people in Arizona. I have people give me money to purchase things for them in Arizona so they can support the state of Arizona.

VAN SUSTEREN: Sheriff, state representative, thank you both, sirs.

COMBS: Thank you, Greta.

JONES: Thank you, Greta, pleasure.

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