Circus Acrobat Accused of Spreading HIV

A circus acrobat is being prosecuted for deliberately infecting women with HIV.

Godfrey Zaburoni, 31, has confessed to having unprotected sex with a dozen unsuspecting women across Australia.

But authorities fear he could have slept with many more and have launched a nationwide appeal for other potential victims of Zaburoni to come forward.

Chief health officer Dr. Jeannette Young said he slept with seven women in Queensland and others in New South Wales and Victoria.

"Any woman anywhere across the country who may have had unprotected sex with Mr. Zaburoni should get themselves tested immediately,” she added. "Unfortunately, he was not able to give us sufficient information so we could contact those women directly."

Zaburina has appeared as a contestant on shows including "Australia's Got Talent" and has been HIV positive since 1997.

He faces two charges over transmitting a serious disease.

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