Girl, 6, Who's on Her Third Heart, Returns to School

Most kids would drag their heels at the thought of another day of classes, but for 6-year-old Amy Ferguson, returning to school is a huge achievement.

After two heart transplants and much of her childhood spent in the hospital, this little girl cannot wait to get back on the playground with her friends.

"Amy is an incredible child," Amy’s mom, Veronica, said. "After everything she's been through she's still a happy girl who just wants to get on with life."

When Amy was just 2-years-old, she was hospitalized with an infection on her aorta – the heart’s major blood vessel – which was rapidly destroying the organ.

She was expected to die within 24 hours, but she fought through it and a little over two months later she received a new heart.

However, over time, Amy’s body began to reject the transplant and at the age of 4, it was determined she needed a new heart.

Last June, doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London performed the second heart transplant surgery. And now less than a year later, this little girl, who’s on her third heart is full of life and looking forward to a bright future.

In her first week back at school, Amy has played with new friends, visited a local fire station and scooted around the garden on her pink bicycle.

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