U.K. Welcomes First Sextuplets in Almost 25 Years

England welcomed its first set of sextuplets born for almost a quarter of a century — four girls and two boys — The Sun reported Friday.

The six precious babies beat incredible odds of 4.5 million-to-one to survive.

A major team of medics and nurses delivered them by C-section 14 weeks early at the U.K.’s renowned John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, central England.

Their mother, Vicky Lamb, 31, from Oxfordshire, said she was overjoyed at her "bundles of joy" and was making a good recovery in the same hospital.

Each of her babies was being cared for in the Radcliffe's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The infants were tiny at birth — ranging from just 1.3 pounds to two pounds.

They were born at 11:05pm last Friday. Since then, doctors have been monitoring them closely after their premature arrival.

Doctors said Thursday that they were proud to have played a role in such a unique delivery.

Dr. Kenny McCormick, Consultant Neonatologist, said: "The next few days and weeks will be critical. Babies that are born this early need a lot of specialist care.

"They are receiving round the clock intensive care and specialist nursing at the moment and their condition is constantly monitored."

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