Boy, 11, Has 3-Inch Splinter Removed From Eye

An 11-year-old boy from India, who lived for two years with a giant splinter lodged in his eye, has finally gotten the medical attention he needs.

Rahul Devi had the nearly 3-inch splinter removed during a six-hour operation at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi, the Daily Mail reported.

The boy was injured when he fell on a stick while playing with friends.

“The stick broke when he tried to get up,” his mother said. “We took him to a local hospital where the doctors said they couldn't remove it.”

Rahul lived in pain for two years before his parents took him to see specialists at AIIMS.

“I got goose pimples when I saw the boy walk into my outpatient clinic with a stick poking out of his left eye,” said associate professor Sarat Chandra.

“I was even more horrified to find out this had been there for two years. During this time he continued with all his activities like playing, going to school, climbing trees and swimming,” he added.

Dr. A K Mahaptra, head of the Neurosurgery department, called the boy's recovery nothing short of miracle.

"All the major areas in the brain were affected by the splinter, but there were no complications," said Mahaptra. "It is surprising that he didn't develop an infection as the foreign body has been inside for more than two years. The boy is simply lucky."

Doctors say it will take at least a month for Rahul to recover.

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