Mystery Bullet Lodged in Man's Brain

An X-ray image of a bullet lodged in a man's brain has been released as police try to find out how he was wounded.

Peter Hesford, 61, collapsed while gardening at his home in the Chorlton area of Manchester, England, but he has no memory of what happened to him.

Greater Manchester Police reported Hesford's wife, Marie, had found him on the ground on April 19 – where he was conscious but unable to speak.

"Initially, it was thought he had suffered a stroke," a police spokesperson said.

When Hesford got to the hospital, doctors discovered he had an object lodged in his head and they alerted police.

Ballistics experts who examined an X-ray concluded that the object had entered his head through his eye.

At first, they could not be sure that it was a bullet — but a CT scan has since confirmed he was shot.

"The bullet is still in Hesford's head,” the police spokesperson said. “There has been an attempt to remove it surgically but (doctors) were not able to because of its position."

Hesford remains in stable condition.

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