'Glenn Beck': Big Government vs. Small Government

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GLENN BECK, HOST: Thank you so much for joining me every night. We have a great week coming up for you. We did Samuel Adams on last Friday. We do George Washington this coming Friday. We also have legal immigrants going to be here for a full hour to talk about how they feel about the illegals — that is on Thursday. And tomorrow, more on Crime inc. You don't want to miss a single episode this week.

All right, the conversation that America should be having right now and this — please, please, get this out, as many people as you can — we need to have the conversation of small government versus big government. That is the argument.

Progressives have worked under cover of darkness for decades to infiltrate and to cover and to I mean they're chameleons. And then grow the size of government. Now, now they sense opportunity. This is it. This is the closing chapter.

They're now talking openly about the wonders of big government and how big government is a solution to all of our problems and the vehicle being used to get there is crisis.

The president had this to say over the weekend at the University of Michigan:


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: What troubles me is when I hear people say, all of government is inherently bad.

When our government is spoken of some menacing, threatening, foreign entity, which ignores the fact in our democracy, government is us.

Government is the roads you drove in on and the speed limits that kept you safe.


BECK: That's not government. That's not government.

First of all, George Washington, Mr. President, said that government is a necessary evil.

I have never said that all government is inherently bad. I don't know anybody who does, except anarchists. I've never heard a Tea Party member say, "We've got to get rid of government." Never, never. Anarchists. Anarchists. They are anti-government. Anarchists.

Government, military, the roads, the speed limits. All of a sudden, I mean, those are the things that we expect from our government. But the government shouldn't be regulating my Doritos intake or how many miles I can drive or what I can be tax on how far I drive.

Regular schlubs aren't taking time out of their busy days to protest because we've suddenly decide, oh I hate the military and speed limits. How that can make any sense?

The average person now sees the government is getting out of control and Americans don't like that. They also see that America is now going bankrupt because of this giant government and the policies that our government is doing — just like Greece. And so, what are they doing? The American thing and they're speaking out.

And America, you need to keep doing that because our current president feels the exact opposite is true:


OBAMA: We have also clearly seen the dangers of too little government. Like when a lack of accountability on Wall Street nearly leads to the collapse of our entire economy.


BECK: Really? I contend that was too much government: Barney Frank and his pals in Washington — Freddie and Fannie. But why investigate that?

We're in a battle right now of big government versus small government. The European left or right. This end, anti-government, anarchists and they are here; this is the G-20 crowd. The USSR, the national socialist worker party, otherwise known as the Nazi Party, and China. It's weird. Crazy. Out of control. Killers. Trading partners. They're all on this side.

You see what we have done to communists and socialists? We made them just trading partners. They're fine. What is the problem? OK. Sure, they only have a one-child policy. Big deal. You see how great their economy is?

1791, this is where we put the Constitution — our Founders were here, just close enough to the anti-government people. But they believed in government. So do Tea Party members.

Lincoln pushed us about here, Teddy Roosevelt here, Woodrow Wilson, William Jefferson and Clinton, George W. Bush, our current administration has us about here. You can go back. Ronald Reagan took us back here. Calvin Coolidge took us back here. You can go back. It's never too late. You just have to decide, where are you going to be? Our Founders put us here. We're here.

Now, let me ask you: What is happening right now? As I showed you in the first break, the revolutionaries and the anarchists are getting together to have rallies. Why would the anarchists do that? Why would they join with total government people?

Because they think they're going to win. These people know they're going to win. How do they know? How do they know? How do they know they're going to win? I'll explain, next.


BECK: There is a common thread with every piece of major legislation that has been passed in the last two years and it's this: crisis. George Bush, *he started it.* You're right. He did.

By now, you know, Rahm Emanuel has never let a crisis go to waste sentiment. Looks like we're following it to a T.

To quote the president, he didn't want to take over GM, but he had to. The auto industry was in a crisis. He didn't want to take over the banks, but he had to. The financial industry was in a crisis. It was corrupt and on the verge of trouble. I don't want global regulation but we have to. Remember the pitch for TARP? The global economy would collapse if it's not passed. They're saying it now again.

The stimulus, America wouldn't survive if we don't pass it. Health care, how many times did we hear that the health care system is in crisis? Cap-and-trade, energy crisis, environmental crisis, climate crisis. Oceans will flood if we don't act now.

Each one of these crisis, there is only one benefactor. One. Who is it? Big government.

Mark my words, the pattern will continue. You watch the reaction from the government with this oil spill. Environmental and economic crisis. This could cost the economy $33 billion. Is this bad? It's really bad! We don't want to regulate offshore drilling or ban it, but we have to.

The immigration rallies — why do you think the radical groups and unions like LaRaza, FIST and SEIU are down in Arizona throwing bottles at the police? Because the extremes are pushing. And the government is seizing on the opportunity.

You see, SEIU, all they do is create opportunity. That's it — an emergency situation. And you don't think they're going to lock things down? You take the basic necessities away from people and things get out of control like that, and if you don't think so, how long did it take before Katrina went crazy? We saw the confusion and chaos that authorities, it was so bad, authorities sent the FBI down and the ATF to go get the guns. This is a piece of video from the NRA. Watch this.

This is an old lady in New Orleans protecting her house. People taking video. They come in and try to take her gun away. When she doesn't give it, they drop her down to the floor. Now, ask yourself, this happened in America. Why haven't you seen this on TV over and over and over again?

Look at Boston right now. You know they have a water main break? People are in the aisles of BJ's fighting over the water — fighting over bottled water. Trouble. And when there is trouble, who wins? The government.

You see, if you put enough stress fractures into a system, and it starts to collapsed, there's trouble, then there's shortages, then there's violence. Remember, I showed you this: The union and revolutionary plan, violence. And when that happens, people cry out "Stop this!" Oh, and there will be somebody there. They always appear, happy to make you feel safe again.

It's what the liberals warned us about with George W. Bush. And now, they don't seem to mind. See, Democrats and Republicans — stop, stop. The argument is about big government versus small government. State and local versus federal and global. If it's not that, the outcome is already decided.

Who wins, who wins? These people create chaos, they march and rise. The people in the center, wherever this government is, they freak out. Somebody says, I will stop it. And I will make you safe.

Warning, wake your neighbors up: Big government vs. small government; not good government vs. people who hate government.

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