Children's Liquid Cold, Allergy Medicine Recalled

More than 40 over-the-counter infant's and children's liquid medications are being recalled in the United States and 11 other countries because they don't meet quality standards.

McNeil Consumer Healthcare issued the recall for children's and infant’s versions of Tylenol, Tylenol Plus, Motrin, Zyrtec and Benadryl after consulting with the Food and Drug Administration.

All of the children’s and infant’s medications are being recalled under the same manufacturer, McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a unit of Johnson & Johnson. The company is recalling the products because some did not meet required quality standards, the company said in a statement Friday. Some of the products recalled may have a higher concentration of active ingredient than is specified on the bottle. Others may contain particles, while still others may contain inactive ingredients that do not meet internal testing requirements.

Dr. Manny Alvarez, senior managing editor of, said he would advise parents to stop using any recalled medications and throw them away.

“In the meantime, generic versions of these particular drugs are safe to use,” Alvarez said.

The company is advising consumers to stop giving the products to their children as a precautionary measure. The recall was not undertaken because of any adverse effects, the company said.

“This manufacturer should be ashamed of themselves. This could have been happening for a long time,” Alvarez said.

The medicines were made and distributed in the United States, and exported to Canada, the Dominican Republic, Dubai, Fiji, Guam, Guatemala, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago and Kuwait.