Mayor Newsom Trashes Arizona

So San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom just announced a ban on official city travel to Arizona, because he claims the state's new immigration law is "unacceptable."

Which leads me to explore what Newsom finds acceptable:

Exhibit A: Turning the world's most beautiful city, San Francisco, into a sprawling toilet with a half-billion dollar deficit.

Being S.F.'s mayor should be a dream job. It's like being King of Gumdrop Village on Rainbow Island. It's packed with great food, tourists, amazing scenery and fun people. But Gavin has left the city oilier than his own pompadour. If one block doesn't smell of excrement, it's because it smells of feces and vice versa. Gavin has taken a jewel of a city and pooped all over it.

Which leads me to:

Exhibit B: Letting panhandlers rule. I'm from the Bay Area, and spent a lot of time wandering S.F.'s streets, either working or drunk. Now, no way.

The last time I was there, my 85-year-old mom was surrounded by the most aggressive panhandlers I've ever seen — walking over others, apparently napping. Instead of worrying about the potential ramifications of a law in another state, Gavin should address the heaps of humanity that litter his own streets.

Exhibit C: Banging your pal's wife. It's true, Newson slept with the wife of his close friend and campaign manager, who then resigned. Maybe there aren't enough women in S.F., but you're the mayor and you've got hair. Either you're too lazy or you lack character — probably both.

Bottom line, Gavin: Before you crap all over Arizona, clean up the crap in your own yard.

And if you disagree with me, you're a racist homophone.

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