Forget Toddlers, 14-Year-Old Girls Toughest to Parent

Rambunctious 2-year-olds have nothing on 14-year-old girls when it comes to being difficult, a survey has revealed.

The survey, which involved 2,000 mothers and fathers of children over the age of 18, found daughters at the age of 14 are the most difficult to parent due to their desire to grow up too quickly, their demands for greater freedom and peer pressure to be thin, the Daily Mail reported.

“New parents live in dread of the 'terrible twos,’” Kathryn Crawford, from, which carried out the survey, said. “But parents of teenagers will tell them that the worst is yet to come. Ironically, many toddler traits surface again when children become teenagers, but often become even more difficult to deal with.”

Overall, 63 percent of parents with a teenage daughter found them most moody, sullen and sulky at age 14, with 78 percent saying the same of boys aged 15.

Although parents were frustrated by the “bad” behavior, two thirds of them chalked it up to raging hormones.

“We have to remember that as well as being the worst age for the parents, the teenage years are also the most difficult for the children themselves,” Crawford added.

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