Naomi Campbell Is Greece

In yet another chapter in the wondrous life of Naomi Campbell, she has apparently stormed off during an ABC News interview after they repeatedly asked her about a big, fat blood diamond given as a gift from former Liberian president and brutal thug Charles Taylor.

This is just the latest in a string of supermodel violence, almost always involving electronics.

What does she have against technology? Perhaps when she was young she was bullied by a blender or cajoled by a Cuisinart — those Cuisinarts are notorious cajolers!

No matter, here's the lesson: Naomi Campbell is what happens when a supermodel is no longer super.

See, all your life, you were waited on hand and foot. You never had to think about paying bills, arranging travel, walking your tiny stupid dog or wiping your mysteriously runny nose. You become, in the purest sense, a machine of entitlement: You live to receive, never to give.

Then suddenly it stops.

You've grown old and what you have, people no longer want. And the entitlements stop coming, as the wrinkles start.

And what happens? You lash out in frustration, anger, denial.

What I'm saying is Naomi Campbell is Greece.

And if you disagree with me, you're a racist homophobe who doesn't use biodegradable toilet paper.

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