Meat-Craving Mom Gives Birth to 14-Pound Baby

A British mom who gorged on beef throughout her pregnancy gave birth to one of the biggest newborns in British history, The Sun reported Friday.

At a whopping 13 pounds, 15 ounces, Sharon Needham's son Harry fits into outfits for three to six-month-olds.

Long-serving medical staff gasped in disbelief as exhausted Sharon, 35, gave birth by Caesarean.

"One of them joked, 'Have you got a school uniform ready?' and another said, 'That's not an umbilical cord, it's a fireman's hose'. It took three of them to lift him out,” Needham said.

"If we hadn't been in the operating room, I'd have thought they had passed me a three-month-old," she said.

The mother, who has no history of large babies in the family, revealed she had wolfed down beef throughout her pregnancy.

"I don't normally eat beef much but I just wanted roast beef, steak and chips, steak pies — anything with beef. When I saw Harry I half expected him to ask for steak and chips," she said.

Sharon had known she was in for a bruiser after being unable to walk in her final week of pregnancy — which had not happened with her four previous children.

The heaviest newborn ever recorded was a 23 pound, 12 ounce boy delivered by Anna Bates in Ohio in 1879. The baby died after 11 hours.

Source Link: The Sun.