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A new drug called telcagepant may help thousands of migraine sufferers who haven't had success with existing treatments. Though it looks promising, the medication is currently still in trial stages. It could be available to patients within two or three years:

Prof. Peter Goadsby, trustee of The Migraine Trust, said: "It is extremely promising to see telcagepant as the vanguard for a totally new class of treatments.

"This will mean more patients treated better; it will mean patients treated more safely and will inject renewed interest into studying the mechanisms of the disorder to continue the cycle to improve the lives of migraineurs."

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Are some of us really "born to run"? A study in the U.K. compared 100 pairs of twins to see which sibling was more active. Researchers found the desire to be active is in the genes, but it's our environment that ultimately determines how much we exercise:

The study involved investigating genetically identical twins and non-genetically identical twins, who on average share only 50 percent of their genes. By looking at the differences between them, researchers were able to establish how much of the behavior was due to genetics or environment.

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There's still time to be a part of the 21st Annual Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure on June 5 on the National Mall. Last year, nearly 45,000 people participated and the event raised $4.3 million for breast cancer programs.

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