Boy, 11, Ages Five Times Faster than Friends

A British 11-year-old is aging five times faster than his peers due to a rare condition, The Sun reported Friday.

Harry Crowther is the only person in the world with the condition Atypical Progeria Syndrome.

But the brave boy still manages to skateboard, climb trees and ride his bike just like his pals, despite having all the aches and pains of an aging senior.

Harry's body is already wracked with arthritis even though he is still at elementary school.

His skin has begun to thin and the bones in his fingers and collarbone have begun to erode as the ageing process prematurely accelerates.

He takes painkillers four times a day and his parents Sharron and John know Harry's life will be cut short by the cruel condition.

"It's just a sit and wait game. Because the change in Harry's gene is unique, they cannot say what's going to happen,” said Sharron.

"We have had our tears and the 'why us?' moments like every family would have. But we have to remember he is walking, talking and is in mainstream school,” she said.

"It is just that his body is a bit different. But there is always someone who is worse off than you. He enjoys riding his bike, swimming and climbing trees just like any other boy his age," she said.

Harry's skin began tightening when he was just a year old and his face began to alter, so his worried parents took him to see a geneticist.

Source Link: The Sun