Mother Sells Breast Milk Lasagna, Cupcakes

The self-proclaimed "Nigella Lawson of breast milk cookery" uses the all-natural substance in everything from cupcakes to lasagna, The Sun reported Thursday.

Abi Blake, 30, shares her creations, sells the food to strangers at food festivals and created a complete breast milk menu with multiple courses.

The married British mother-of-one, who uses a breast pump to express and collect excess milk after eight-month-old daughter Tily is full, said, "I am the Nigella Lawson of breast milk cookery.

"Although the idea of eating something made out of someone else's breast milk may make some people's stomachs turn, it is full of vitamins that can never be found in cow's milk,” she said. "And why would you prefer to drink milk from a dirty cow over a clean, healthy woman?”

Although Blake’s cooking may seem like nothing more than a strange hobby, research released Tuesday said breast milk can kill cancer cells.

A compound found in it, dubbed Hamlet — Human Alpha-lactalbumin Made Lethal to Tumor — was found to kill 40 types of cancer cells in tests, without causing the same damaging side effects as chemotherapy.

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