'Glenn Beck': Six Principles of Nonviolence

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GLENN BECK, HOST: We are running so far behind tonight, I just have so much to share with you tonight.

I want to talk you — last night, we had Martin Luther King's niece on. And it was just inspiring to me. And I want to share these to you but I want to say something about the Tea Party.

Tea Party, I think you are missing the boat here. You're missing a boat because nobody understands what the Tea Party is.

I said, for the first time someone said, hey, you ought to go to a Tea Party. And I said, you know, I think the Tea Parties are misguided in this one thing — Tea Party implies that it's all about taxes.

I said at that time, this was over a year ago, the taxes — they haven't hit yet. But I understand what the Tea Party is going — an out- of-control government. It was the idea that the government just doesn't care about you.

Well, you know what? The Tea Party needs to focus on this and I think — because this is where America is, if you want to make a difference: truth and justice.

Truth — just tell me the truth. You want to fundamentally transform? Great. Into what? Don't tell me hope. Don't tell me about Bill Ayers and why he didn't kind of know — please. Truth.

We can have a debate. I'm going to vehemently oppose. You are, too. Make your case. Lincoln and Douglas — make your case.

Truth and justice — I'm not equal now to Bank of America or Goldman Sachs. Neither are you. That's not equal justice. It's the same fight that Martin Luther King was fighting.

So, now, how did he fight? Because there was a Malcolm X in the same group, from the same civil-rights-minded people came Malcolm X. He was violent at first. So was William Ayers. He still is.

But who won? Martin Luther King.

So, here were his six principles of nonviolence:

"Nonviolence is not passive but it requires courage." I'm telling you: Work on your courage muscle.

"Nonviolence seeks reconciliation, not defeat of an adversary." I don't hate Barack Obama. I don't want the Democrats destroyed. Family members are Democrats. I don't want their policies instituted because they're so far off the tracks, but a lot of Republicans are as well.

"Non-violent action is directed at eliminating evil, not destroying the evil-doer." That stops it from being personal.

"A willingness to accept suffering if necessary, but never to inflict it." This one is so key because they're not suffering — so far, I don't think they've released the dogs and I don't think they're ever going to do that. I hope to God not. But it will mean economic suffering — economic suffering. "A willingness to accept suffering, but never to inflict it." You're going to have to take it on for a greater cause, for your kids.

"A rejection of hatred, animosity, violence of the spirit and a refusal to" — I can't even read my own writing — "and a refusal to commit physical violence."

And then the last one or his last one she shared with me yesterday — "faith that justice will prevail." Do you still believe that? I do. Because I know that God is just. And I know this is God's land. I know this is God's Constitution. We've just perverted it.

We've been asleep. We woke up on September 11, but we were misguided again. We went back to sleep. We trusted — we trusted the Democrats and the Republicans.

Stop. Stop. Root ourself back into things that are real.

Now, Martin Luther King, he then made everybody who marched with him take a pledge and sign it — a pledge of nonviolence and here it is. The first one was:

"Meditate daily on the teachings and the life of Jesus."

Number two: "Remember always that the nonviolent movement seeks justice and reconciliation, not victory."

Number three: "Walk and talk in the manner of love, for God is love." I got news for you — a long way away from that one. I haven't seen Jesus and what he would do in a talk show on Fox. It would be hard — or on CNN or MSNBC. But I'm going to try.

Four: "Pray daily to be used by God that all men will be free."

Five: "Sacrifice personal wishes that all men will be free." Do you understand that one? You don't matter. I don't matter.

Freedom, liberty, the Constitution, the way it is meant to be. Not what we've allowed it to become or even the way it was set up in the beginning because all men were not free — but the grander idea.

"Observe with both friend and foe the ordinary rules of courtesy." Boy, how we would all change if we did that. Work on that one, too.

Seven: "Seek to perform regular service for others and the world."

Eight: "Refrain from violence of fist, tongue and heart."

Nine: "Strive to be in good spiritual and bodily health." That one I think was written by my wife. That was actually written by his wife: Come on, Martin, you're going to walk. Get in shape. Eat your carrots. That's the way my wife is right now.

Number 10: "Follow the directions of the movement and the captain on demonstrations."

I want you to take these pledges. I want you to keep this and this and I want you to take this pledge.

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