'Glenn Beck': Cass Sunstein vs. Tea Party

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GLENN BECK, HOST: Martin Luther King's niece said to me last night that Dr. King knew — he knew he got his hope from the reality of America — he knew the average American was not a racist. The average American was not somebody that wanted to see the police beat a black man. Didn't want to see dogs or fire hoses open up — the average American. And he knew it. He had faith in you.

He knew if you would see it, you would reject it. He knew people would reach out and strike them, beat them, jail them, lynch them, kill them. And when Americans would see it, it would all be over.

He knew it would be an uphill battle because he also knew the media was not on his side. Nobody wanted to show the truth. Does any of this start to sound familiar? You see that's what they're trying to get the Tea Parties to do.

I told you last week or a couple weeks ago about the radicals who were in the '60s. They're now "The Man" and they need to make you the radical, because they know Americans will reject radicals. They need you to reach out and strike, to do something that Americans will see on the television sets and reject.

Believe me, if something happens, do you not think it will be on every, every network, including this one? Every network. And most networks will run it over and over again. You remember when Hinckley shot Reagan? How it was like — OK, I've seen it. OK, I got it. That's what it will be. This is why I've said you have to have your video cameras with you.

When America sees the video of the press being thrown out of Lafayette Park. This is — what was it, yesterday? This is the way the White House is treating gays. They closed down the park. Gay activists handcuffed themselves to the White House. I have — never in my lifetime have I seen this — the government closes the park to get the press to stop filming it.

When you see that, you can walk with the same confidence.

When America sees the truth about how vicious these people are — SEIU delivering beat-downs. As long as you are standing there with peace and love in your heart, it is only a matter of time before these people are exposed.

Now, Cass Sunstein knows this.

I've told you before I think Cass Sunstein is the most dangerous man in America. And a lot of people will disagree with me because — well, maybe I'm wrong. Or they just dismiss him as — it's academic. Really?

He's Obama's regulatory "czar." He is the author of the book "Nudge." "Nudge" is basically a book that looks at Americans as a bunch of lab rats. And he knows all the tricks and all the levers to make them behave the way he wants them to. Just a little nudge here and little nudge there.

People still have a choice. Of course, they do. But they really don't. Here is an example. Do you remember when Sunstein tried to get all Americans to get out of their SUVs and stop doing that? Please, get rid of it. Go get a smaller one, an economical car. Save the planet from global warming. Do you remember that? No?

Oh, yes — you're right. He never said that. Instead, we did "cash for clunkers." Just little cheese dangled in front of the cage. We started flocking, sending our SUVs to the scrap yard.

Now to make the Tea Parties look racist and radical, several sites are now popping up to actually advocate the infiltration of the Tea Parties, pretend to be one of them. Bring racist signs to the rallies. Only a crazy loser whack-job will even think about doing this, but there are plenty of them out there. Crazy loser whack-jobs and Cass Sunstein.

Glenn Greenwald from Salon.com uncovered a paper Sunstein wrote way back in 2008, proposing, you know, hypothetically speaking, how to handle opposition groups. Now, keep in mind, Cass calls anything "anti- government" a conspiracy theory.

He proposed that, one, the government ban conspiracy theories. Ban them. Make them illegal. I mean, that sounds like for conspiracy theory in itself.

Number two, the government might impose some sort of tax on those who engage in conspiracy theories.

Number three — love this one — government might itself engage in counter-speech, OK? Marshalling arguments to, quote, "discredit conspiracy theories and theorists."

Four: Hire private parties. They might formally hire private parties to engage in counter-speech.

Number five: The government might engage in informal communication with such parties, encouraging them to help. So in other words, this — wait a minute, that kind of sounds like a conspiracy.

Quote: "Our main policy claim here is the government should engage in cognitive infiltration of the groups that produce conspiracy theories," end quote.

Of course, there is no evidence that Sunstein is behind any of the recent attempts to discredit and infiltrate the Tea Parties, which is weird because those are the same words that he used. But there is no evidence of that at all. That would be a conspiracy theory.

Sunstein will claim that he is acting with the best intentions, trying to dispel falsehoods and spread the truth. You're just spreading, you know, lies, right? I think he is spreading the truth using lies.

This is nothing short of propaganda. For the regular audience, the last administration to do this, the last one to recruit goons on soap boxes and just start grabbing a bullhorn and preaching the government's good news as an average citizen spontaneously — get this — what is this guy? I hate this guy. Sorry, I take that back. I dislike the things he does or did. Woodrow Wilson.

He created the Committee on Public Information. He eventually had tens of thousands of "four-minute men" who gave four-minute propaganda speeches designed to gain public support for the war. They were specifically screened based on their credibility in the community. That's weird.

Learn history. You will know the future. You will also know how it ends and you'll know how to defeat it so we can get back on the right track and be America again.

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