'Glenn Beck': Left Trying to Agitate the Tea Party?

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GLENN BECK, HOST: So, how and why is the left purposefully — to use a word that John Lewis used this weekend — agitating the Tea Party movement?

Here to explain is Andrew Breitbart, publisher of biggovernment.com and bigjournalism.com.

Andrew, you and I have been talking about this because they're just being set up. Just — you can feel it coming and Americans aren't buying it. But I've asked you to — and you've been doing a great job, you know, on your website, "Big Government," of just showing all of the videotape.

Can you take us through just a quick history of what we do know where any kind of violence has happened?

ANDREW BREITBART, PUBLISHER, BIGGOVERNMENT.COM: Well, it really started to happen after the town halls in early August that were an unexpected uprising of independents and Middle Americans. It wasn't even a Tea Party congregation. It was people asking their representatives, will you read the bill? Can you tell us what is in the bill? And they weren't prepared to answer the questions.

And then around August 5, the AFL-CIO wrote a letter — John Sweeney — wrote a letter that was picked up in The Huffington Post that said, you need to get in these people's faces. They described the Tea Parties and they described the people going to town halls as an angry mob.

So, there was coordination by organized labor to be the muscle of the Obama administration.

On that same exact day that that memo came out, Jim Messina from the White House said, to punch back — if they punch you, punch back twice as hard. And that was the night that two incidents happened — one in Tampa, and one in St. Louis at the Russ Carnahan town hall. The one in Tampa was the one that happened, I believe, first, where you saw a guy who was one of the protesters with his shirt ripped off by union thugs. It was at other event that Kenneth Gladney was called the "N" word by two SEIU goons.

The same day the White House said punch back twice as hard, the same day that labor said to get in this fight on behalf of the administration, because organized labor were going to be the biggest beneficiaries if this bill were to pass.

BECK: I have to tell you, I have to write these off as a coincidence, even though I told the audience — radio audience — today: Change your life. For the next 30 days, don't write off anything as a coincidence. I mean, you — you look at the Goldman Sachs things, oh coming out the same week as reform. Well, that's weird. What a coincidence that is. There are no coincidences. And — I mean, the list just goes on and on and on.

BREITBART: Well, you want to talk about there not being coincidences, let's just go to a week-and-a-half ago, where Richard Trumka, the current head of the AFL-CIO, the one that basically compared you to Father Coughlin and said that the people on the Tea Party side are a bunch of racists, he was the one that said that he's never seen an environment like this since before JFK was killed in 1963.

And so, you have Bill Clinton comparing this to a pre-Oklahoma City environment. And you have the AFL-CIO comparing this to pre-JFK.


BREITBART: Those are two of the three worst tragedies of our — you know, in the last 40 and 50 years that all Americans agree are horrific.

BECK: And I have to tell you — I mean, maybe I have my conspiracy theories wrong, because I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I thought everybody like me and Tea Parties were conspiracy theorists, and I always thought it was either the CIA or unions that killed Jack Kennedy, wasn't it?

Isn't that the — I'm just saying. He would know.

Right back with Andrew. Hang on —

BREITBART: Yes, I don't want to impugn —

BECK: Hang on. Hang on. Go ahead.


BECK: Andrew Breitbart is back. We were talking in the commercial break about the unions. And we were both talking.

I mean, he said, you know, I got to point out that you have a lot of people that are in unions that tip you off.

BREITBART: Well, the unions are upset that their money is being spent on this type of stuff, that the SEIU is going in debt trying to get Barack Obama elected. They were the greatest beneficiaries from the health care legislation.

BECK: Right.

BREITBART: And the AFL-CIO, card check is one of their major things which helps to perpetuate the Democratic Party control. And there are a lot of guys in the union who just want to get better wages.

BECK: Yes.

BREITBART: They don't want to be part of this type of apparatus. They're the best tipsters that we have out there.

BECK: Yes, we have — we have the same situation. And it's really amazing because they're afraid. I mean, they're like wow, you're afraid of your own people that are supposed to be taking care of and representing you. And it's not the rank-and-file union members. It's not. It's the thugs.

I mean, who doesn't know the thugs in the unions exist? Of course, they do.

And it's unfortunate because I think a lot of people feel they're trapped.

BREITBART: Well, as we were talking about some of the violence that has occurred, that has been union-driven, the IBEW Local 357 in Las Vegas, they were the ones that attacked a Tea Party bus about three weeks ago.

And we were able to isolate the people that were part of the threatening of me. One guy threatened me with physical harm. The other people were throwing at the bus. The other people were distracting, calling the police on me.

We isolated two of the union thugs. One was making $111,000 a year; the other was making $103,000 a year. Andy Stern from SEIU is making $357,000 a year. And you wonder why their pension funds are going bust.

BECK: Hmm.

We don't have time for it, but I just wanted to get these in, America, because — just so you know where the violence is. Union leader memo praying for Chris Christie's death, you know, it's an amazing thing.

And then the left, the boycotts, Van Jones group, MoveOn.org, SEIU and Jim Wallis, I don't think — would you agree this is an abuse of power?

BREITBART: It's absolutely an abuse of power. But, yes, it's worse than just an abuse of power. As that these things are happening, they are being reported, but the press refuses to report on real acts of violence.

BECK: Yes. OK.

BREITBART: Yet then allows for Democrats to accuse us of the very same thing they're doing.

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