Blind Musician Denied Entry to Club Due to 'Dangerous' Cane

A blind musician blasted bouncers at a Scottish nightclub for refusing to let her in because other patrons would not be able to see her reflective stick and may injure themselves, The Sun reported Monday.

Sally Clay, 30, said she was told by two doormen in Dundee, northern Scotland, on Sunday that her special cane was "too dangerous."

But when she refuted the dangerous claims, they told her and her friends the nightclub's insurance "did not cover blind people."

"I was furious. I have never been spoken to like that in my life. They were on a power trip.

"Turning me away on the basis that someone might not see my stick is ludicrous. I mean it is reflective for goodness' sake — it is designed to be seen at night."

Culture Minister Fiona Hyslop said Clay could make a complaint to the Human Rights Commission under the Equality Act, adding, "Discrimination on the grounds of disability is illegal."

The Underground's bosses also said they were taking Sally's claims "very seriously" and had launched an investigation into the incident.

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