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A new study suggests that even happy, healthy women have a fear of getting fat, while men don't seem to worry about the battle of the bulge. Brain scans reveal that thoughts about body image and self-worth are linked in the female mind:

Women have a subconscious fear of getting fat, a study has found. When they see an overweight woman, their brain reacts negatively, increasing feelings of unhappiness and even self-loathing, say researchers.

While this is common in anorexics and others with eating disorders, the experts found it also happens in healthy women with no obvious worries about their weight.

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Next, a survey done by Consumer Reports finds that most baldness treatments don't make the cut. While some success exists with hair transplants and the prescription Propecia, more than half of men polled say common so-called-cures are ineffective. When all else fails, remember: bald can be beautiful:

Of the respondents, nearly 40% of women and 27% of men said they had tried a treatment or product to help stop or reverse their hair loss. More than half of the men polled said that the benefits of the baldness remedies were overplayed. Most of them said they reached for over-the-counter baldness remedies, but 20% of men opted for Propecia, a prescription pill for men only.

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And finally, smile! Researchers at Wayne State University examined photographs of major league baseball players from 1952 and found that the guys with the biggest grins lived an average of 7 years longer than their straight-faced peers:

The researchers ranked each player according to whether they had no smile at all, a partial smile, where only the muscles around the mouth were involved, or a full-blown smile that featured a toothy grin, raised cheeks and creases around the eyes.

The researchers then compared the photos with the life span of each player. The results revealed that of the 184 players that had since died, those in the 'no smile' category had lived an average of 72.9 years.

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